Sailor Moon | sailor Chibi Moon Pop! Vinyl Figure Key Chain

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Out of sadness comes, well, cuteness! Little Sailor Chibi Moon came out of Sailor Pluto's downfall and while we miss Pluto, of course, we also love this little sweetie! Yes, she might have been a little bratty when she first emerged from her crystal but we can't blame her. People were chasing and harassing her and she's nine-hundred years old and still looks like a little girl. This little precocious girl with pink hair and adorable ear decorations in her hair makes us think we wouldn't mind being a part of the Sailor Moon crew. After all, the group is much more interesting now that there's a prankster involved.

Whether you are collecting all the Sailor Moon characters or you simply have a special connection with this particular character, she's sure to add a lot. Her arms are crossed and ready to fight. Her head rotates so that she can interact with her sailor cohorts. She'll always be there with an ear to chat about boys and food. And hey, maybe her pegasus will show up sooner or later!

  • Collectables Type - Figure
  • Collectables Brand - Funko Pop! Vinyl
  • Collectables License - Sailor Moon
  • Collectables Media - POP! Animation
  • Collectables Movies & TV - Yes
  • Collectables Figure height - 1.5" / 4cm

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