Marvel Legends Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

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The Infinity Gauntlet has the power to rend the very fabric of space and time in twain. It can crush the very essence of life into a pulp. It can even put on a decent light show if the wielder so chooses, so don’t ever refer to it as just some glove. It’s just such a shame that a mean-old supervillain like Thanos is the one to be wielding it. Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way though. Perhaps you could be the one wielding the mightiest weapon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Have you ever contemplated wielding the Infinity Gauntlet? You could use it to protect the universe from evildoers or use it to right the wrongs of the world! Or you could just use it to conquer the Earth… okay, maybe you should start with this collectible Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet before you try wielding the real deal.

You can think about getting Thanos’ actual gauntlet after you’ve mastered this high-quality collectible. Until then, this thing will look great with the rest of your Marvel collection.

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