Red Red Redemption 2 Eeriest Easter Eggs

Red Red Redemption 2 Eeriest Easter Eggs

July 22, 2019

Rockstar has always incorporated Easter eggs in their games, usually in the form of creepy hidden secrets. Red Dead Redemption includes a fair share of references and collectibles introduced around the open world for players to find. The same is true of Red Dead Redemption 2, but in this case, it seems the priority is on shocking players who are merely exploring the open world.

Most Easter eggs are viewed as fun collectibles or bonuses for players who like to experience the exploration. When it comes to Red Dead Redemption 2, however, the Easter eggs are meant to frighten players and force them to feel more isolated in the bleak Wild West. Rockstar aimed to ensure the forests, abandoned shacks, and wilderness regions were as frightening as possible. The most disturbing parts of RDR2 are almost exclusively covert Easter eggs, which often appear more like punishments as opposed to rewards for the dedicated players who dare to endeavor to seek them out.

Ghost Of Agnes Dowd

Known as the Ghost of Agnes Dowd, this specter emerges late at night in the forest area of Bluewater Marsh. Draped in a pale dress, she glows with an unsettling green light that radiates through the encompassing fog. Each time the player encounters the spirit, she will murmur dialogue under her breath, seemingly lamenting her existence.

Woman In White Crying

The crying woman wanders La Llorona near Bluewater Marsh. She is wearing an all-white dress and kneeling on the floor. At first, she appears to be a pawn of misfortunate events, so it's only natural for people to want to go near her and help. But players should be careful, as approaching the woman will make her aggressive, and the sound may motivate the Night Folk to attempt to trap you. It's possible this was an intentional maneuver to catch any well-wishers by surprise.

The Night Folk

The Night Folk are a group of cultists in RDR2. Traveling to Bayou Nwa, the player can come across various swamps and waterways. These strange people sneak around the area of Bluewater Marsh. The Night Folk are vile hunters who use traps and other tools to slay and take from their prey. This group only moves at night - so they're a nasty surprise for anyone who comes across them in the dark.

A Haunted Forest

There are many scary aspects in RDR2, but few are as unsettling as the forest in Roanoke. At night while journeying through the area, players can hear whispers of a conversation, but the source is unexplained. Some Redditors have deciphered the communication and suggest the voices might originate from a couple that passed while ghosts in the area pursued them. According to a film in the game, the woman involved in the conflict escaped. However, after she told the locals what had happened, they made her stand trial, then set her aflame for being a witch.

A Blood-Sucking Vampire

This Easter egg will only trigger once the player has found alarming graffiti. The player will then receive a waypoint at the St. Denis Cathedral. At the church, there will be a vampire feasting on its prey. The strange encounter can turn into a fight, but the vampire is incredibly strong and can endure a lot of damage before perishing. After defeating the creature, the player can skin it and harvest its bat wings.


In the game, players can stumble upon a strange mutant creature that appears to be a sinister reference to South Park. The monstrosity dwells inside an abandoned house rife with animal parts in formaldehyde. The home seems to be a makeshift lab for some deranged experimenter, and the horrible hybrid fastened to the wall is the real statement piece. The creature shares a striking resemblance to ManBearPig from South Park.

The Strange Man

The Strange Man first appeared in Red Dead Redemption 1. In the first game, he acted as a sort of conscience for John Marston, testing the player's morals through requests to carry out tasks for strangers. He is aware of everything about Marston, even past deeds he's attempted to forget. This seemingly immortal character doesn't appear in RDR2, but he gets referenced. In the sequel, there is an abandoned cabin in Bayall Edge that has an unfinished painting. As players stare at it, the canvas slowly fills with paint and gets completed, revealing what appears to be the Strange Man. There are also reports that he can be seen staring at you from a mirror's reflection in the cabin, though he disappears when the player turns around to catch a glimpse of him.

Mass Pit Of Athletes

Anyone visiting Blackwater in RDR2 might have come across newspaper articles about a missing sports team. The story states that the athletes from a local school had gone out on the run but never returned. This Easter egg proves they met a morbid fate. Players who explore the area of Tall Trees can uncover a giant hole filled with almost a dozen athletes who are still wearing their team uniforms.

The Donkey Lady

The Donkey Lady was the result of a glitch in the first Red Dead Redemption. The game mistakenly morphed an NPC into amount, giving the character a donkey’s face and allowing players to ride her around. In the second game, Rockstar made the Donkey Lady into a proper Easter egg. If you travel to Two Crows in Austin, you can find a horse mill. Affixed to the fence is what's left of the Donkey Lady. It's a heartbreaking Easter egg that compels players who took advantage of the glitch in the first game to feel like monsters.

Gertrude Braithwaite

Players can find Gertrude Braithwaite at her family's property, but she is not inside the manor like her relatives. Instead, someone has locked her outside in a tiny shack; the door is jarred shut to ensure that she cannot escape. After being exposed to inclement weather and hunger, she appears ill and perhaps unstable. It's later revealed that the Braithwaite family chose to hide Gertrude away instead of seeking professional help for her; they wanted to keep their reputation intact.

An Animal Wedding

Guthrie Farm is home to a group of offenders that will rush you on sight, no questions asked. After the player explores the premises and sees this revolting Easter egg, it becomes clear why the group wasn't keen on visitors. Located inside one of the barns are a sheep carcass and lifeless human. A closer inspection shows that the person has his pants around his ankles, and around the sheep's neck is a pink bow with a wedding ring. The obvious - and rather revolting - conclusion here entails the person trying to wed the animal and consummate the marriage.

The Ghost Train

RDR2 features a ghost train that will ride along the railroad, similar to a real-world train. It can be found in the Lemoyne area in the early hours of the morning. Players should wait around the tracks for the train to appear and steam past in all of its ghostly glory. When the train gets closer, the player's horse will begin to panic and become restless, adding extra suspense to an already startling encounter.

Giant Skeleton

A ride along the road in Mount Shann near Big Valley can lead to a grim discovery; on the side of the road is a massive skeleton. These bones don't belong to any reasonable person, though - they appear to belong to some giant. While the form certainly looks human, the sheer size is astounding. The player will never encounter a person this significant in the game.

UFO Sighting

Rockstar has a knack for placing sci-fi Easter eggs in their games. In RDR2, players can experience a frighteningly surreal UFO encounter. Find a mysterious shack near Emerald Ranch; inside the structure are several lifeless forms from members of a religious cult. Returning to the shack late at night will trigger a UFO to spawn in the sky; it will shine its blue-green light overhead and search the premises before flying off into space.

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