How To Use A PS4 DualShock With Remote Play iOS

How To Use A PS4 DualShock With Remote Play iOS

June 24, 2019

You can now play PlayStation 4 games on your phone with Sony’s official PS4 Remote Play app! PlayStation's recent 6.50 Firmware Update added the ability to use the PS4's Remote Play feature with iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad. Keep reading to find out how to use iOS Remote Play with your PS4 DualShock Controller.

It is still possible to play some games using the touch controls, although it isn't perfect, mainly if you're using a device with a tiny screen. Fortunately, Apple recently announced that tvOS and iOS would both be updated with native support for DualShock 4, which means you will be able to use your controller with no annoying issues.

Keep in mind that this is not a replacement for your physical PS4. Yes, it does let you control games straight through your phone, but it’s basically a streaming service that only streams the games that are playing on your PS4 to your iPhone. So if you don’t have a high-grade Wi-Fi signal, you’re going to have a terrible time, for that reason, Remote Play is best utilized for turn-based games or rather than games that require fast responses like Apex Legends. With that being said, it’s still a neat opportunity to have, and it costs you nothing to set up if you want to try it out for a bit of fun.

How To Set Up And Use A PS4 Controller With Remote Play On iOS

What You Will Need.

  1. A PlayStation 4 running Sony’s 6.50 firmware or higher. 
  2. iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 12.1
  3. The PS4 Remote Play App installed.
  4. DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller
  5. PlayStation Network Enabled Account
  6. High-Speed Internet Connection

How To Set Up Remote Play Between Your PS4 And iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, install the PS4 Remote Play app from the App Store.
  2. Turn on your PS4 and log into your account. If you need to update your PS4 to the latest firmware, you can do so by going to Settings on your PS4 and then selecting System Software Update.
  3. Check to make sure that your iPhone and PS4 are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open the PS4 Remote Play app. Go to the Settings icon in the upper right and log in to your PlayStation Network account.
  5. Once you’ve done that, go back to the main screen and hit the blue Start button. The app will look for your console.
  6. If it fails to connect you will see a prompt in the app asking for a code that will allow you to connect the devices manually.
  7. On the PS4, go to Settings Remote Play Connection Settings Add Devices, where you’ll then see the code. You will then have to enter the eight-digit code on your phone before it disappears.
  8. Tap the white space of the app to make the keypad go away, then click Register in the lower right.
  9. That's it, your ready to go. You will immediately see an overlay mirroring the buttons of a DualShock 4 controller. A short tutorial shows how to use the digital thumbstick buttons. You can use Remote Play in either landscape mode or portrait mode.
  10. If you want Remote Play to connect to the PS4 even when it’s in rest mode, go to Settings Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode and then press Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.
  11. To quit using Remote Play, simply leave the app. Because you will lose connection every time you leave the app, you’ll need to press Start to reconnect every time.

Things To Consider

  • If your Wi-Fi isn’t powerful enough to support the stream, you can adjust the video quality in the Remote Play app’s settings. You can choose between four settings, including 720p and 1080p.
  • For best performance, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.
  • You will lose connection to the game you’re playing when you leave the PS4 Remote Play on your app.
  • PS4 Remote Play will drop its connection automatically if you interact with the physical DualShock 4 on your PS4.
  • PS4 Remote Play will drop its connection automatically if you turn off your PS4.
  • The PS4 and the iPhone running PS4 Remote Play need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Playing over LTE doesn’t work.

If you are running into any issues and need some troubleshooting help, head over to PlayStation's Offical Remote Play page. You can also check out Sony PlayStation's Offical How to use PS4 Remote Play on PC and Mac Video below;


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