How To Set Up Twitch Streaming On PS4

How To Set Up Twitch Streaming On PS4

July 08, 2019

Do you want to share your gaming experience with the world? Well, nothing is holding you back as PS4 gamers can live stream gameplay directly to Twitch and It's a lot easier than you would expect to broadcast directly one of the most popular game-streaming services all from your PS4. Whether you want your audience to accompany you through the hellish apocalyptic world of Days Gone or want to share your expert commentary skills as you traverse the world of Assassins Creed: Origin.

You can start streaming with just the push of a button on your DualShock. Here’s a step by step guide on how to stream to Twitch from your PS4:

What You'll Need to Stream on PlayStation 4 From Twitch

For a basic Twitch stream from a PlayStation 4 console, you won't need much beyond these necessities.

  • A PlayStation 4 for playing your video games and for processing the video capture and streaming.
  • A TV for viewing your gameplay and stream footage.
  • At least one PlayStation controller for playing your chosen video game.
  • The official PlayStation 4 Twitch App.

For twitch Streamers wanting to include footage of themselves or a voice narrative during their streams will need to purchase these optional accessories.

  • A PlayStation Camera. This first-party accessory contains both a camera and a built-in microphone. The PlayStation Camera is also necessary for capturing video footage of the player for Twitch streams and recording their voice.
  • An Extra Mic. Although the PlayStation Camera can record dialog from the gamer, it also picks up echoes and background noise, which can decrease the quality of the stream. A practical alternative for voice recording is a separate headset or some earphones with a built-in mic. 

How To Set Up Twitch Streaming On PS4

To make sure that your game broadcasting is sent to the right Twitch account from your PS4, you will first need to link your PlayStation and Twitch accounts.

  1. Press the 'Share' button on your PS4 controller while in-game.
  2. Select 'Broadcast Gameplay.'
  3. Select 'Twitch.'
  4. Select 'Sign In.'
  5. Go to and enter the code displayed on your TV screen.
  6. Select 'OK' on your PS4.
  7. Select Twitch again.
  8. Customize your options and choose 'Start Broadcasting.'

That's it you are officially live on Twitch. To end the broadcast, simply select that option in the Share Menu. Comments will appear visible on the PS4 user's screen through a small scrolling display.

Make sure you’re satisfied with how it works. You don’t want any surprises once your stream gets moving, so make sure everything checks out beforehand. From the audio to the health of your stream’s connectivity.

It’s undeniable that there will be some sort of technical issues along the way., streams can abruptly go offline, or maybe it’s a simple as you neglected to turn your microphone on, just be ready for them and don’t let the small dishearten you. Ok, that’s a wrap, for now, admittedly, this has answered some of your questions or provided you some ideas for future streams of your own! 

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