Everything You Need To Know About Resident Evils 2 Remake's Fourth Survivor Mode

Everything You Need To Know About Resident Evils 2 Remake's Fourth Survivor Mode

February 04, 2019

The following ideas can help you endure The Fourth Survivor Mode and may enable you to shave off some time. To Unlock 4th Survivor Mode in Resident Evil 2 Remake, you have to beat either Claire or Leon's Story then hit the opposite personality's, Second Story.

Resident Evil 2 Remake's Fourth Survivor Mode Tips and Tricks

  • The timer doesn't count down while you are paused, looking at the stock, or the map. Use the pause to examine this guide, especially the walkthrough below. It's possible to play along to the movie!
  • In the start, instantly combine your White and Black Gunpowder to create Shotgun Shells.
  • Zombies will not strike during their"getting up" animations. Many rooms have zombies that get off the ground as you approach. You can run directly over them.
  • Zombies can't turn around well. Many of the zombies it's possible to prevent you're able to brush straight past, as long as they are not facing you.
  • You have one knife. Use that the Combat Knife to evade the double sewer monsters Close to the start of The Sec Survivor Mode. Hug the ideal wall.
  • Don't use grenades to fend off zombies which have caught you, and it is ideal for saving them. Just take the hit and use your health remedies instead.
  • You only have to bypass the Tyrant once should you play it smart. He'll look whenever you input the Police Station. When you hear him, hug the left wall and keep hugging it all around the corner. You may avoid his initial attack and can proceed.
  • Use the Red+Blue herb around the first Licker look to Decrease harm for the rest of your run. It won't heal you, so there is no need to conserve it. Don't stop to explore!
  • Contemplate sneaking beyond the Licker simply beyond the West Office door by walking slow or walking with an item equipped. Its lunge can be inevitable.
  • The SMG ammo is suitable for puppies and okay for Lickers, however, spare a clip or 2 to get your plant zombies on the next floor, it may stagger them enough to run directly by.
  • Dogs can not follow you through doorways. You can run past all of them, but it's always a danger.
  • Lickers can't accompany you upstairs or doors. Pay attention to the walkthrough below to see how to handle each best. Learn the chambers that they lurk in and hit them from far away, mainly if you are low on health if you have the health to spare, run by them.
  • The final stretch is outside of the police station in its courtyard. You WILL need a grenade or a round of shotgun shells to clear the zombies from the stairwell just before the last gate. If you are halfway through the manner (say, the Police Station Main Hall) and also have Shotgun Shells nor Grenades, then you might wish to think about starting over.

Resident Evil 2 Remake's Fourth Survivor Mode Walkthrough

You'll begin as the only survivor of the Alpha Team delivered to acquire the G-Virus. As Hunk, you may start your assignment in the Sewers, beginning in the Lower Waterway - and also must make your return to the surface for extraction. You'll be stocked with a LE 5 Submachine Gun, W-870 Shotgun, a 9mm Handgun and Magnum, a full complement of Flash along with regular Grenades, 1 Combat Knife, lots of Gunpowderplus a couple of Herbs, and only a little ammo.

While the map might appear comfortable in some regards to Leon and Claire's playthrough, expect the unexpected at the form of each enemy you may think of.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr X

The Sewers

As you slide down to the base portion of the Lower Waterway, keep running straight, and dash past the zombies that originate from the water - and also attempt to stick to the side of those already walking around.

Head up the ladder into the Control Room, and immediately dash right past the Zombie Dogs at the room, and try to jump the damaged lift till they strike you - because they can not accompany you down.

The Monitor Room can also be filled with zombies, but as they are busy eating a corpse, ignore them and run left into the Treatment Plant Room. Use the Submachine Gun to tear through the puppies since they charge the narrow bridge, then shotgun that the zombies in the head and move past them into the doorway at the end of the room.

Head down the stairs and give the crawling zombies a wide berth as a return to the Bottom Waterway, make sure you cap the lurking zombie on the left head. Several of these wait for you beyond an opened gate - toss among your three Grenades in them, but be sure to unequip the Grenades, you're going to want to store them for situations such as these.

Running past the discounted zombies and crossing the bridge, climb another set of stairs to the open gate which leads to the Upper Waterway. This place is dangerous, as it's two Mutated G-Virus hens and a few zombies. Cling to the ideal wall and try to bypass them, but have your Combat Knife prepared to push back one if you are caught, and continue moving along the right wall until you can escape the water.

Dart past the zombie as you move onto the catwalks above the Upper Waterway, and dodge the stunt lurking here before taking a quick right into the Employees' Break Room, and head into the elevator going into the Underground Center.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Zombie

The Underground Facility

A lot of zombies are waiting at the base of the stairwell here - ready another Grenade and throw it into the audience to clear the area.

Take the very first exit going up the stairs, and head down the long hall and possess your Submachine Gun or Magnum prepared to take care of an upcoming Licker.

As soon as you arrive at the Machine Room, go across the catwalk and run past all the zombies struggling to rise. If they aren't entirely up, they will not have the ability to start lunging for you. As soon as you get to another portion of the catwalk, pause before going into the Safe Room to snipe among those Zombie Dogs, then kill another which pops out before using the Shotgun to take care of the other zombies in this area.

The Parking Garage

As soon as you arrive at the ground, all of the zombies in the room will start getting up - giving you a few minutes to run past them toward the gate then hang directly. The next group of zombies should be up by now - throw a Flash Grenade to stun them run right past them to the hallway.

There is a Licker awaiting the ceiling at the end of the hall which may spell big problem - primarily because of other enemies lurking nearby. Dart down the ideal passage towards the Kennels, and take the two Zombie Dogs until the frighten you when dealing with all the Licker, and then kill the crawling zombie. When they are removed, utilize your Magnum to snipe the Licker with three shots to make it fall, and operate beyond as it struggles to rise.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Zombie

The Police Station - First Floor

Once you climb into the staircase into the first floor of the Police Station, then you might think you are in the clear. You're not. After in the East Hall, clean out the zombie in front of the East Office and head indoors to provide a few moments of breathing room from Mr. X., accelerate the office and pull a shotgun shell in almost any local zombies face - do not squander Grenades here.

As soon as you get into the Main Hall, you'll find the front door obstructed and the location swarming with zombies. Take a right past the West Hall shutter and go left into the West Office. Take the left path past the zombie, and when you get to the door to the West Hall - move slow.

There is a Licker from the hallway on the left, so move slowly to the right before you get close to the stairway, then start sprinting again. Mr. X will likely be waiting for you on the second floor - use a Flash Grenade if you can, or try and duck under his punch again and shotgun that the zombies in the face until you get to the next door.

The Police Station - Second Floor

Run throughout the Showers and to the next hallway with your Submachine Gun armed - several Ivy Zombies are blocking the trail, and you'll need to quickly spray them and hit their orange bulbs to stun them long enough for one to run past. In case you have to, maintain a Flash Grenade equipped to shake them if one catches you.

Entering the next room, await the zombies to kick open the Library door and shotgun them at the face, then sprint through the Library back to the Main Hall before the zombies falling from the third floor could get up.

A Licker is waiting by the stairwell here - swap into your Magnum and try to give it a couple of headshots or otherwise stun it - and use your Red and Blue Herb to protect yourself from its attacks. Run up the stairs and shotgun the last zombie in the face as you make for the Roof.

As you leave the doorway, quickly dash left to prevent the G-Virus Mature and promptly go down the ladder before it can react. Another Licker is down here along with some crawling zombies - but you're likely out of ammo or close enough at this time, so sprint to the door and jump left to prevent the crawling zombies.

Run through the hall and then down the Fire Escape to make it to the courtyard - and the largest welcoming party. Keep running and don't stop because you hug the right wall to dash past the rising zombies along with the G-Virus Adult. Keep hugging the right wall - if you get caught, do not utilize your Grenade if you can help it.

Once you head down the staircase, you'll fulfill your very last group of zombies - should you have any ammo left to spare, now is the opportunity to use it. If you're out, this is your opportunity to use your final Grenade to clean a path. Then - run up the opposite staircase, rush head and left to the front entrance of the Police Station and out onto the streets.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Zombie

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