Everything I Wish I Knew Before Playing World War Z

Everything I Wish I Knew Before Playing World War Z

June 26, 2019

World War Z, has been released and gamers are having the time of their life with the game's non-stop high-octane action and class-based co-op multiplayer. Saber Interactive's zombie apocalypse co-op shooter World War Z brings back Left For Dead's style zombie-slaying multiplayer with a modern touch. Featuring extremely fast-paced gameplay where hordes of zombies rushing their living prey. The game is based on the 2006 book of the same name and set in the same universe as the 2013 film adaption.

The game explores brand new storylines from survivors of the zombie apocalypse in the cities of Moscow, New York, Jerusalem, and Tokyo as they undertake tense and dangerous missions. Before you get started taking on the zombie apocalypse in World War Z, prepare yourself with everything I wish I knew before playing World War Z and everything you need to know, packed with useful tips and tricks to get you started in World War Z.  

Start Off On Easy

There are a total of five difficulty levels to pick from in World War Z. The most common instinct amongst gamers might be to start on the Normal or Hard difficulty, but it's better to start off on Easy and adjust from there. For a first playthrough, it's best to experience the light storytelling the game offers and get a feeling for the levels and which weapons will work best for you. It's best to learn how to play before trying to conquer Insane difficulty.

Play With Friends

World War Z is an online multiplayer co-op game. Like other online co-op games like Diablo, Wolrd Of Warcraft, Destiny or any co-op game, it's best played with friends. Attempting to conquer levels on Hard difficulty or higher can be insanely challenging without the proper communication need, this is why it's best handled with friends.

Always Stay In Formation

The majority of levels in World War Z feature various encounters where the team is situated in a vast open space and tasked with the job of defending your position from an assault of hundreds if not thousands of zombies.  In the first level you play through, the concept is introduced via the battle at the mall atrium, in which your team must set up various types defenses and hold the line against a frontal assault of swarming zombies who are trying to climb a fence and enter the mall. Communication is key here; if a well-armed team delegates responsibility for each portion of the fence, the situation can be solved with only the smallest number of zombies making it into the mall.

Friends Stick Together

World War Z features more conventional corridor shooting. It's tempting to just run through these areas to reach the next objective, but that's an easy way to get killed. Creeper and Bull zombies can overpower an unaware player and disable them until they're saved by another player, meaning the "lone wolf" gamers out there are better off running with the pack then alone. Some objectives, including the final part of the first level in New York, involve searching a large area for items and returning them to a center point. It may seem alluring to split up and cover more ground, but that path can quickly lead to a total party kill, which is hugely frustrating.  At the very least, split up into pairs of two, that way, one player can always cover the other's back and vice versa.

Stealth Will Help You

There are plenty of areas that can be won without inciting the attention of the whole horde of zombies. Using silenced weapons like the first pistols you get and melee strikes can allow teams of four players to clear large rooms without taking a single point of damage. Multiple level 4 or 5 weapons also feature silencers, including the Combat Shotgun and Sporting Combine.

Choose Your Weapon

Almost every weapon in Wolrd War Z earns you experience points with ongoing use and can level up to a maximum of 5 levels. When you find a gun you prefer, do your best to stick with it, and it can become more powerful after investing some Credits. With that being said, World War Z features an extensive range of weapons for dealing with the undead that is split up into different levels. While the majority of these are helpful in most situations, there are some guns that are better to others. So let’s go over each tier and highlight some of the best weapons:

Level I 

  • Scout Rifle (Mini-21)
  • Compact SMG (Gal 9)
  • Shotgun (M500)
  • Pistol (1911 Protector)
  • Machine Pistol (Geist 17MP)

These weapons are normally accessible to you right from the start of a mission, depending on your class. The Compact SMG and Shotgun are going to be your best bet for large groups of enemies, but don’t disparage the effectiveness of your silencer Pistol for killing zombies quietly and efficiently.

Level II 

  • Assault Rifle (ARK-103)
  • Sporting Carbine (Pac-15)
  • SMG (TMP5)
  • Combat Shotgun (S890)
  • Sniper Rifle (Mk110)
  • PDW (Senjata PDW)
  • Compact Shotgun (S890 Shorty)

These weapons are simple to find on missions and can get you through a tonne of zombie battles even in the higher difficulties. The best weapons for level 2 are the Assault Rifle and Sporting Carbine primarily due to their tremendous stopping power.

Level III

  • Assault Carbine (HW416)
  • Battle Rifle (HAMR-17)
  • Bullpup Rifle (XTAR-95)
  • Advanced SMG (Keris V10)
  • Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12)
  • Crossbow (Repeater X)

The above are some of the most powerful guns in World War Z and consequently a lot rarer to acquire, so if you happen come across one consider picking it up. Guns like the Assault Carbine, Battle Rifle, and Advanced SMG are going to assist greatly in taking down swarms of zombies fast and efficiently.

Heavy Weapons

  • Includes Revolver (Casull 6)
  • Chainsaw (SchreiTech Forrest Warrior)
  • Heavy Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12)
  • MGL (Hailstorm MGL), Machinegun (MAG5)
  • RPG Launcher (RPGL4 Rocket Launcher)
  • Payload Rifle (BF25 Sniper Rifle)
  • Grenade Launcher (Thumper GL)

If you haven't guessed it already these heavy weapons, pack a punch, particularly the Machinegun, RPG, Payload Rifle, and Heavy Assault Shotgun.

Melee Weapons

  • Machete
  • Lobo Bundle (Shovel)

Unless you’re doing your playthrough as the Slasher, you shouldn’t be using your melee weapon as a primary means of defense. Nevertheless, they prove useful for stealth killing zombies whenever you find yourself low on ammo.

Spend Credits Tactfully

Everything in World War Z costs credits. While it can be alluring to want to upgrade everything as fast as possible, there are not enough credits to do so effectively. It's better to pick and choose when it comes it upgrading your gear., especially in the early game, where you will be playing on the easier difficulties, it's not worth buying every single upgrade available. Instead, you should buy the Level two versions, which cost 150 credits each, and then hold out for the Level 5 version, which costs 1000 credits. Beating levels on higher difficulties will award you with more credits, so the more you play, the more powerful you get, the more credits you earn.

Pick Your Class

There are six classes to choose from in World War Z, each with distinct strengths and characteristics. At the start of the game, the classes may seem almost identical, though they really start to become clear around level 10.  When playing on Easy, there's not too much strategy involved when it comes to class selection, but having a Medic and Fixer on hand can be vital on the higher difficulties. For any class-based game, which role you pick can dramatically affect your gameplay experience. So let’s go over each of them:

  • The Gunslinger is an expert marksman with access to weapons that have high rates of fire and allow you to mow down enemies. This is one of the best classes due to its high damage output and straightforward playstyle. A majority of the Gunslinger’s perks revolve around improving your guns’ performance and ammo consumption.
  • The Hellraiser is all about flashy explosions and dealing massive damage to groups of enemies with C4 and Claymores. This class is a lot more versatile and can be useful for both defending and flanking. Many of the Hellraiser’s perks focus on boosting damage dealt with explosives.
  • The Slasher is WWZ’s melee-based classed, and therefore focuses more on close-quarters combat. Additionally, Slashers have a stun gun that shocks groups of zombies, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. One of the game’s weaker classes, a majority of the Slasher’s perks revolve around improving your stamina and melee damage.
  • The Medic is the only healer class in WWZ and starts with a Stim Pistol that can heal allies from long-distance. They also have a Masking Grenade that momentarily stops zombies from detecting you and your teammates. Although the Medic can be extremely useful in tight situations and on harder difficulties, a well-coordinated team is better off with more firepower.
  • The Fixer is another support class that can provide a team with extra ammo and explosive rounds. While the Fixer may not be as flashy as some of the other classes, it becomes extremely useful on higher difficulties when ammo becomes a lot scarier. This class is great for anyone who enjoys playing a support role and making sure their team is ready for battle.
  • The Exterminator is all about annihilating swarms of zombies with Claymores and Molotov Cocktails. It’s a bit more aggressive than the Hellraiser but can easily become overwhelmed if you’re not careful since its abilities deal damage over time. This is a well-rounded class that’s extremely useful across all difficulty levels and squad set-ups.

Always Take A Medic & Fixer

Medics can partly restore their own health, but when healing allies, they are able to restore more health when using medkits. Because medkits are a limited resource in World War Z, the extra healing power of the Medic truly goes a long way. Starting at Level 10, Fixers can start each level with a unique 'Breach Charge,' which can open doors to abnormally powerful weapons, defenses, and medkits. On the Insane difficulty, a Breach Charge can be the difference between success and failure. Fixers don't carry grenades, tasers, or Molotov cocktails: instead, they carry supply drops, which can load any teammate's primary weapon with explosive ammo. These bullets are so powerful; they can rip through a Bull zombie in a matter of seconds. When holding the line against a swarm of zombies, a strategically deployed supply drop can make all the difference.

How To Manage A Zombie Wall

Some of the most fun moments in World War Z come when a swarm of zombies tries to scale an upright structure. The visuals of the awesome animation is matched by the tension and excitement of trying to stop the horde from reaching the top. The best way to manage a wall of zombies is to launch explosives at the base, while a sharpshooter snipes stragglers who manage to escape their fiery death. With some coordination and a little luck, a skilled team can take down a wall without a single zombie making it over.

Learn To Dodge A Bull

Unfortunately, World War Z doesn't have a dodge roll so that Bull zombies can be particularly dangerous. They can take a hell lot of damage before going finally being defeated, and have a dangerous move where they charge a player and grab them, dealing continuous damage until it's taken down by the other players. Once one has its sights on you, it's really tough to evade it, but there is a method that will help you: put something between you and the Bull. Try to place yourself so the Bull will crash into a conveniently-placed obstacle.

Look Out For Creepers

Creepers hide until a player gets close before jumping on its target. As with the Bull, a player grabbed by a Creeper is completely disabled and must be rescued by a teammate. Creepers don't have too much more health than a regular zombie, and a player with agile reflexes can often take one down before they use their grab move. When a Creeper is in the area, the characters will comment on it; use this opportunity to check corners, the preferred hiding spot of a Creeper.

Set Up Defences ASAP

There will be missions where you will have you attempt to hold a position as the ravenous zombie's flood in. To last the onslaught, you will need to set-up various traps and turrets to help keep enemies at bay. Here’s a list of every defense and how to use it effectively:

  • Barbed Wire – Can trap and kill zombies. Currently, have an exploit that allows you to stand safely in the middle of barbed wire where zombies can’t reach.
  • Machinegun Turret – Player-controlled turrets that are great for crowd control. The only downfall with these is their noticeable blind-spots which can leave you vulnerable to attacks.
  • Mortar – Can deliver a targeted AoE explosion. These are useful for maintaining control of choke points.
  • Automated Turrets – Can detect and kill zombies on their own. These can be extremely helpful as long as you place them in a good position and remember to restock their ammo.
  • Electrical Traps – Can temporarily shock zombies in place. These traps give you more time to kill approaching zombies and are great for entry points monitored by a single player.
  • Claymore - Claymores are small explosives that you can place on the ground which will detonate once a zombie gets close enough to activate it. This device is particularly effective when used to cover exits or areas where zombies will try and flank you.

How To Kill A Hazmat Zombie

This one is quite straightforward; you should always look for a headshot from afar when coming up against a Hazmat zombie, as a clean and precise headshot will stop them from exploding near you and releasing the toxic green gas. 

How To Handle A Screamer Zombie

Screamer zombie will start screaming as soon as they detect you, which will alert other zombies in the area to your location. It's best to make sure during the early game when you only have basic starter weapons that you kill Screamer zombies as quickly as possible. Screamer zombies are identified by their yellow construction helmet, orange vest, and blue pants.

Player VS Player VS Zombies

Aside from the to the co-op story, there is also a somewhat traditional multiplayer available. Zombie swarms are still present in these 4v4 modes, adding a unique aspect to an otherwise standard assortment of modes. Winning a match gains players a cool 250 credits, and getting together with a skilled team can lead to a windfall of currency which can be used to upgrade weapons and classes further.

Mark Enemies and Items

If you’re playing with online with real people, it can be very helpful to mark stronger enemies such as Screamers, Bulls and Hazmat zombies so your teammates can spot them easily. You can also mark items too, so help a teammate out and mark up any items you don’t need, particularly medkits and powerful weapons. To mark something or someone, just aim at them and press up on the d-pad.

Keep an Eye On Your health.

It can be tempting to act recklessly when faced with hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, particularly when you know there’s a kill scoreboard at the end, but as straightforward as this sounds, Do your best to not lose health. Medkits are a rarity in World War Z, so if you take too much damage, you will find yourself having to run away from almost every zombie you see. Unless you have chosen to be a slasher, you should be keeping your distance from zombies most of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful weapon in the game?

The Repeater X Crossbow, it is a Tier 3 weapon that has the ability to fire arrows that explode on impact taking out several nearby zombies in one go.

Who are the characters in World War Z?

In total, there are 16 characters. These are Judd Whitaker, Dina Mizrahi, Ethan Wolfe, Daniel Alahey, Angel Flores, Tashaun Burnell, Bunko Tatsumi, Arnetta Larkin, Oksana Orlovskaya, Ivan Dovchenko, Timur Yushkevich, Sergei Popov, Sho Sugiyama, Kimiko Nomura, Tatsuo Matsumoto, and Hirojii Okada.

How many episodes are there in World War Z?

There are four episodes to play through. Each features its own set of characters, and setting. The four episodes are Episode 1: New York, Episode 2: Jerusalem, Episode 3: Moscow, and Episode 4: Tokyo.

How many difficulty settings are there?

There are 6 in total. Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Insane.

What is the best strategy to avoid friendly fire?

Form a horizontal line with your team when attacking to avoid friendly fire.

What melee weapons can you use for stealth killing zombies?

Either the Machete or the Lobo Bundle (Shovel).

What is the Stim Pistol?

The Stim Pistol is carried by the healer class. It can heal allies from long-distance and stops them from taking additional damage for a limited amount of time.

How can you get easy XP fast?

Get behind a Machinegun Turret and unleash it on a horde of zombies.

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