Days Gone How To Take Down a Horde Explained

Days Gone How To Take Down a Horde Explained

May 07, 2019

Of all the things Days Gone is known for, the hordes are unquestionably the most memorable, and if you’re wondering just how the hell to kill a Horde in Days Gone, then I've got some advice. Hordes are like bosses in Days Gone; These hulking, daunting challenges start popping up later on in the game, and they’re no cake-walk. Some consist of a couple hundred or so Freakers, while you’ll also find some that near the thousands.

To help you take down the large groups of Freakers, you’re likely to come across in Days Gone; I've put together this Days Gone Hordes Guide. It will reveal all Days Gone Horde Locations, as well as provide some tips as to how to take them on. Taking them down can be difficult, so here is everything you need to know about taking down those Hordes in Days Gone.

Horde Behavior

During the day hoards will hide inside caves and train cars. They will always go back to the same cave or train car. When it gets dark, the hoards will come out and roam near their cave at night. Freakers like to seek out feeding grounds and bodies of water to drink. It’s easier to attack them at day because you don’t have to deal with other Freakers. If you attack them at night, the noise will attract more Freakers that are nearby.  Hordes also get stronger with every region discovered. Regions 1-2 have the smallest hordes. Region 3 has medium-sized hordes. Region 5 and 6 have the biggest hordes consisting of hundreds to sometimes Freakers.

How to Find Hordes in Days Gone

Each Horde will traverse a specific area, depending on the time of day, they will be found in different places. The first way to find them is to get up as high as possible and use your binoculars by selecting up on the D-Pad. At night, they will always be out in the open. During the day, it is possible that they are hibernating if there are any caves nearby. Take extra precautions when checking any caves or trains.

Days Gone Horde Locations

Let's start with where you will find all of the hoard locations in Days Gone; there are about to 30 Hordes to take down in Days Gone, ranging in size and location. These locations are highlighted on your in-game map after beating the game and are its endgame content. I've listed the areas below, along with a screenshot of where they appear on the map:

  1. Bear Creek Hot Springs
  2. Patjens Lakes
  3. Lava Arch
  4. Marion Forks
  5. Shadow Lake
  6. Belknap Crater
  7. White King Mine
  8. Death Train
  9. Horse Lake
  10. O’Leary Mountain
  11. Little Bear Lake
  12. Twin Craters
  13. Cascade Highway
  14. Proxy Falls
  15. Metolius Lava Cave
  16. Westfir
  17. Sawmill
  18. Wapinitia Road
  19. Berley Lake
  20. Beaver Marsh Rest Stop
  21. Mt. Scott
  22. Sagebrush Point
  23. Beasley Lake
  24. Cascade Lakes Rail Line
  25. Chemult Station
  26. Groose Gardens
  27. Rum Rye Gulch
  28. Juniper Ridge
  29. Lobert Draw Ridge
  30. Friendship Ridge

Look For Bottlenecks & Choke Points.

Hordes are vast and sturdy, but one advantage you have is that you can fit through much smaller gaps then they can. Look for alleyways between buildings and holes within buildings to crawl through, so it slows them down, which will allow you to throw explosives and spray bullets at them when they’re narrowed.

Fight Hordes During The Day.

As we mentioned earlier, Hordes always sleep during the day. This means that they’re all in a small, enclosed space to begin with which is perfect for explosives, get used to explosive, you will be using them a lot. If you find their hiding spot during the day, you can take out a lot of them with a couple of grenades before they start to clamber over one another to try and get to you.

Make A Note Of Nearby Exploding Items.

Hordes are often found within areas with explosive barrels and other flammable objects nearby, so make sure that you’re leading the Horde past them when you’ve got their attention as a single well times bullet can take out a whole bunch of them at once.

Place Traps Before You Alert Them.

Before you get the attention of the hordes, place Proximity and Remote Bombs along your route you've decided to take. You’ll be able to take down hundreds of them without even firing a shot, especially if you get them down in the caves as mentioned above and train cars. Just don’t be too close when the Proximity Bomb gets triggered, you will most likely get blown to kingdom come and have to start over again.

Upgrade Your Focus To The Maximum

The utility of Focus cannot be overstated against Hordes. Focus is often the difference between life and death because you can line up your shots and fire one bullet per Freaker head, rather than spraying wilfully and getting loads of body shots.

Pick The Right Weapons.

Before you start looking for one of the many hordes to take out, you need to make sure you’re prepared to take it on first. You should choose high-powered weapons that give you the flexibility to fight up close and at the range. When Horde hunting, there’s a minimal point in having semi-automatic guns like snipers and pistols. You’re much better off grabbing an assault rifle like the LMG (either the MG45 or RPD), assault rifle/SMG (MWS/Chicago Chopper are my favorites), and the SMP9 automatic sidearm to deal with the few remaining stragglers. The LMG can especially be useful for taking down the main body of the Horde.

Craft As Many Explosives As You Can

Throwables are going to be your best friend when taking down Hordes. Molotov Cocktails, Frag Grenades, Attractor Bombs and anything you can throw will be useful for eliminating a Horde. Even Smoke Grenades and Flashbangs disorient them for a few seconds and give you a few extra moments.

Attractors and Attractor Bombs are Crucial.

With the larger Hordes that you will eventually come across, you can very quickly find yourself getting overwhelmed as they sprint full ball at you. Attractors and Attractor Bombs can alleviate some of that pressure. Of course, It won’t divert all of their attention, but you can more than likely kill a few of them and then chuck a grenade at the ones surrounding the Attractor before it finishes.

Get The Under Pressure Skill.

Using Focus is vital for killing Hordes, but also make sure you’ve got the Under Pressure skill in the Ranged category. This will help you greatly with reloading as reloading during Focus time will pause the timer, meaning half of your time in Focus isn’t spent reloading which can make a huge difference in those intense moments of thinking will I make it or will I die.

Unlock All Hordes On The Map.

Finally, you can unlock all of the Horde locations on your map once you reach and finish the end of the game. I recommend taking at least a few on before then, but for the majority of your Horde hunting, wait until the very end of the story so you’ve got yourself more equipment to utilize and you know the general area where Hordes can be found in. There's also quite a few more added at the end of the game too, once you have 100%ed the game.

My Strategy For Taking Out Hordes

Phase One:

To start the fight against a horde, you will need to get as close as you can to the entrance to the hordes den. The first thing to do is to throw an attractor to get the horde provoked. When they start to crowd around the attractor, activate focus and throw as many hand grenades in a wide dispersal type pattern. This should take out a quite a lot of the Freakers right from the get-go. Once the grenades go off, throw as many Napalm or regular Molotovs as you can. As the Freakers start to approach your position, sprint towards the choke point you have chosen and mount your bike. As the horde empties its den and runs towards you, the Proximity Bombs will slow them down, so you have plenty of time to make it to your motorcycle in one piece. As they enter your chokepoint, detonate the Remote Bombs you’ve planted when a large number for Freakers have moved into position. If you do the detonations correctly, you should take out quite a few targets. There will still be many Freakers left alive even after all the incendiaries and bombs you’ve hit them with. Once you’ve detonated the Remote Bombs phase two of the fight will begin.

Phase Two: 

Your objective now is to thin the horde out as much as you can. You will need to ride slow enough that the horde is still able to chase you while keeping a healthy amount of distance between you and the Freakers. After a certain distance, the horde will start losing interest in you and begin to turn back towards the den. Once this happens, let the horde get a pretty good distance away and start opening fire on the nearest Freakers. Suppressors are great to use here. The goal during phase two is to thin the hordes numbers as much as possible without alerting the main group of freakers. This might take a while, but it’s the safest way to ensure you don’t find yourself getting easily overwhelmed. If you happen to alert the whole horde again, simply run to your bike and ride off away and start thinning them again. Once you’ve thinned the horde to around 50-75 Freakers, you can move on to the final phase of the fight.

Phase Three:

Now that you have taken out over half of the horde, you can start to speed things up a little. Equip your automatic weapons and start firing into the swarm from a distance. Your goal is to take out as many Freakers as you can before they reach you. When they’re getting close, run to your bike, take off, and wait for the horde to lose interest again. When you’ve got the horde down to a manageable 20-30 Freakers, you can get a bit more confident with this strategy. The aim is to move at your own pace as your weapons will allow. The Chicago Chopper is a beast of a gun that makes short work of 30 Freakers, but if you’re using the Stinger or another early game automatic weapon, you’ll want to be a little careful. Eventually, you’ll take down the last Freaker of the horde. When you do this you will get pop up confirming you’ve successfully killed the horde. If you think you’ve killed every Freaker in the horde and you don’t get confirmation, head back to the den and poke around. There’s a chance a small group of freakers made it back to their den without you noticing.

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