8 Things We Do In Video Games We Wouldn't Try IRL

8 Things We Do In Video Games We Wouldn't Try IRL

March 01, 2019

Video games allow us to do some very strange and wonderful things that most of us would never attempt to try in real life. *DONT TRY THIS AT HOME*

Walking Into A Fire To Check The Damage We Take

When you see a bit of fire crackling in the distance, rather than appreciating its radiant heat and light effects, what do you do? Walk straight into it just to make sure the developers made ecological fire damage a genuine thing.

Wondering If We Will Take Fall Damage

You’ve probably looked over the edge of a cliff, wall or some other high ledge and casually estimated how likely it is that you’ll shatter your kneecaps when you fall to the ground… and then do it anyway. There is a pattern for testing out whether plunging to the ground will break your limbs.

Shooting Glass and Mirrors To See If They Shatter

If you come across glass or mirrors guaranteed you’re going to see if it can smash. Why do we do it, who knows maybe just to hear the sound of breaking glass, perhaps? To see whether the developers have made it destructible

Compulsively Weapon Reloading

It doesn’t matter whether I’ve fired one shot or a hundred, I will reload my gun no matter what, just to make sure the magazine is full. What happens if I’m facing off an enemy and they’re so close to dying but I have to reload in that split second and then they kill me?

Checking To See If We Can Kill NPCs

This is one for those things that gamers love testing, seeing how far you can push a game. It doesn’t matter if the character in question is currently pouring out their sad backstory of their spouse’s death after their child died of a very long, drawn-out disease, let be honest you’re probably already aiming at their forehead with your gun. 

Not Changing Your weapon For A Clearly Better One Because It’s Not Pretty

All I’m saying is that if you have a particular tasteful vibe going on, the one thing that can really throw you off your game is obtaining a weapon that’s powerful enough to make a demon explode into a thousand pieces but looks like it's been created by a monkey.

Getting Annoyed When An Enemy Heals Themselves

We are allowed to heal, however, enemies are not. How dare the make use of the resources at their disposal to try and prevent you from sending them to the sweet embrace of death. It’s just not fair.

Going Back For More Punishment 

Who in their right mind, after being killed by an enemy, would go back for more? Gamers, that's who. gamers don’t give up easily, and it might mean that we throw ourselves into danger, but damn if it isn’t inspiring.

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