9 Games Similar To Pokémon Go

9 Games Similar To Pokémon Go

February 11, 2019

Do you remember when Pokémon Go swept the world as a smartphone game sensation? While immersed in one of their favorite fandoms, it got gamers. It is dropping popularity, though this is still a fun game, and gamers are in search of other exciting games to meet their craving. Physical activity is a significant part of staying healthy, but it's not always easy to motivate yourself to hit at the gym. If you can find an excellent video game which will feature exercise, it is a great excuse to play with video games for a few hours per day. If you need a bit more action and looking for something similar to Pokémon Go, here are some games that you should attempt.

Aliens on the Table

Aliens on the Table is an augmented reality game designed to defeat hostile aliens who haven't just landed on earth but are trying to get hold of their home planet to get reinforcements. Your work is to prevent them from making contact and taking over the world. To do so, you'll maneuver around a match table aliens who want to reach their communication portal. You can't successfully shoot at all the aliens unless you keep moving and targeting them from every angle, so it's a great game to get you up and active.

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive launched a month, and it is... well, it's precisely what you'd expect from a game that mixes dinosaurs with the Pokémon Move formula. As you can, collect as many dinosaurs and the objective is ostensibly to travel around. The loop is familiar: there's a map when the game open. There are supply drops. In training, they work the same, doling out items every day. 

The Walking Dead Our World

The primary differentiation between The Walking Dead: Our World and the remainder of the location-based crowd is that it's not so much about collecting things; it is about killing them. It is your job to clean out them via a straightforward arcade game. The thrust is the same, although you can use many different firearms. You tap on the zombies to shoot, and you are always aiming for the head. You may throw in a grenade when things get tricky, and you can bring along crucial Walking Dead personalities, like the sword-wielding Michonne, to give you a hand. You could change to see exactly what your bedroom would look like if it were crawling with zombies. 

Discovery Map

Discovery Map generates maps of hot cities and tourist destinations to help you better enjoy the travel. Because you walk throughout town on your vacation, you comply with a map. It is also possible to assist in creating your maps to enjoy. It's an exciting opportunity that takes you from your house whilst working with technology.

Dragon Mania Legends

In Dragon Mania Legends, you'll function as a villager whose purpose is to save the land of the dragons. This mystical creature has been captured and tortured by enemies. You'll train dragons and help them conquer their enemies. One will be reminded by the match play of Pokémon Move with graphics and colors that are great. You can move together with the dragons and revel like the match.


Mobbles is very similar to Pokémon Go so you can collect several fun creatures as you walk around in search of them. When there is a Mobile monster close, the program scans the region and alerts you. Similar to Pokémon Go, to where the creature pops up on your app, you need to walk. There are more than 70 Mobbles you'll be able to collect in any given area. You have them fight in battles, can exchange, and customize them. You'll receive loads of exercise and explore a new universe.


Before we had Pokémon Go, we'd Ingress -- an augmented reality game made by the very same developers who created Pokémon Go. It has had over 50 million downloads with much more to come. The world in this sport has forces hoping to shoot humanity under their control. Your work is to prevent these forces. You move around your area to collect defeat and powerful forces. There's a vast network of gamers, making it one of the biggest location-based games from the world.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! Is a transformative game that puts you at the center. You're the hero finishing missions that give extra powers to you and running away from zombies. You will unlock new missions and gain abilities which enable you to come back to your refuge in safety and escape from the zombies, Every single day. The trick is, you have to keep working out. You're running, in a park or whether on a treadmill, to get away. You will accelerate and slow down across the way, occasionally slowing to a walk. Ultimately, burn calories, and the only way is to maintain speed!


If you're into ghosts and anomalies, SpecTrek is the match. It is a game requiring you to move around town to collect ghosts and powers. You'll enable camera your GPS, and location sharing options to catch the ghosts. Work on eliminating them. When you have found their place. The ghosts will not be in the same place if you're useful. It's a great sport to put you and into the realm of virtual reality. You would love these choices if you adored Pokémon Move!

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