50 Apex Legends Tips, Tricks & Hints You Need To Know

50 Apex Legends Tips, Tricks & Hints You Need To Know

February 27, 2019

Apex Legends is a battle royale game, and that means it's about surviving to be the last player or at Apex Legends case, the squad standing in the end. Here Is a rundown of the essentials  Apex Legends Tips, Tricks, Hints You Need To Know: 

1. Loot is generally spread out evenly, with the Hot Zone, Supply Ship and supply drops the main points of focus instead of specific, high-loot areas - you'll still generally find more loot in places with lots of structures

2. You drop from the ship at the start in a fixed formation, following the 'Jumpmaster', but you can recommend and offer other suggestions with the Ping system as you go - you can also break off and go your own way by holding the button as prompted on your UI.

3. Apex Legends is about one specific playstyle: fast, constantly-moving gunplay with your squad. It's not a game for lone rangers.

4. The indicator on the middle-left of your HUD shows when the next 'phase' is coming - in other words when the circle is going to close in next and force you to the next safe area which is marked in faded white on your mini-map and the larger map

5. There are no modes of transport in Apex Legends, instead, the movement is a case using your squad's character skills and the environment efficiently.

6. You're always in a squad of 3 players, f there are less than 3 of you playing, you'll be matchmade with strangers.

7. Apex Legends has a wonderful Ping system - so if you're not an enthusiast of voice chat, you can communicate solely by pings instead.

8. You can mute squadmates, head to the second tab of your inventory in-game, and go to that player's name where there's an option to mute.

9. There's also both a text-to-speech and speech-to-text function - the text-to-speech is PC. They're found in the main menu's settings page at the bottom of Game Settings under Accessibility Options.

10. Each game has 60 players - that's 20 squads in total, each round. The in-game counter in the top right of your HUD keeps track of squads, rather than players for the most part because the high amount of survivability you have in the Apex Legends means eliminating squads is much more important than focusing on individuals.

11. Rounds tend to last for between 15 and 25 minutes, much shorter than most battle royales, thanks to the smaller player count and high mobility, combined with a seemingly smaller map.

12. There is, actually a kind of wall-climbing in the game - no decent wall-running or triple-jumps but you can 'wall-climb' up to about 3 or 4 times your height by sprinting at a wall and holding the Jump button whilst looking upwards. Often your character will get surprisingly far up a wall and onto ledges you wouldn't think were attainable

13. Use doors to climb higher. Open a door and wall-climb onto the top of that, and then from there wall-climb further up the wall to reach otherwise unreachable ledges and roofs of those mid-height structures. 

14. Use the big red balloons to get around the entire map fast - each floating red balloon has a zip line taking you up to it and from the top, you can then 'redeploy' by jumping off and jetpacking far across the map, as if you've jumped back out the dropship. 

15. Footsteps, zip lines, flying, and landing are all very quiet - you can land behind people regularly and almost always surprise them in doing so. It seems it's possible because audio cues are far, far quieter in Apex Legends than other battle royales.

16. All characters move at the same speed - as confirmed by Apex Legends designer Carlos Pineda on Twitter.

17. There's no fall damage, which means you can jump off the highest point with no consequences.

18. You can go out of bounds by going too high, beware that over a specific height, you'll get a 'return to play area' message and a timer ticking down.

19. You should slide-jump everywhere you go sliding moves you faster than sprinting.

20. You can slide indefinitely downhill.

21. Put your weapons away when repositioning it makes you move considerably faster, and get greater distance on those jumps and slides as a result!

22. There's no prone - so you can't lie down, only crouch. 

23. Combat in Apex Legends is all about teamwork - stay close to each other communicate clearly and with good pings.

24. Remember to use your Tactical ability

25. Pathfinder can use his grappling hook ability to pull enemies to him.

27. Use the slide-jump, moving around quickly and erratically, making you harder to hit.

28. Finishing moves are unlockable in the in-game store or from loot boxes earned along the way, but beware that once you start one you're locked into it and still noticeable and targetable by enemies.

29. The fast movement in general in Apex Legends makes headshotting definitely harder - it's better to aim for the chest and upper body, with a good chance of hitting the head, than enemies' heads themselves. 

30. Damage is color-coded: damage numbers headshots are golden yellow, and then damage to bodies is either the color of the enemy's shield (purple, blue, or white) or red if their shields are down. 

31. Enemy shields make a shattering sound when broken

33. Players are first 'downed', or 'knocked', where they're on all fours, and then they can either be individually killed or are all killed when the last squad member goes down.

34. You can use downed players to know that a squadmate of theirs is still around and a threat.

35. Ignore downed players while their squad's still alive! you'll see beginners get picked off by the last enemy standing because they decided to shoot at immobilized downed enemies that can't hurt them.

36. Grenades need to be equipped with one button press, and thrown with another - they're a little clunky.

37. There are bullet drop and bullet travel, you have to allow a 'lead' for players who are running, and a bit of headroom for sniping over long distances.

38. Many scopes allow you to toggle how zoomed-in you are while aiming down sights 

39. When you pick up a gun, it always has one full magazine of ammo in it

40. Guns are color-coded by ammo type on your HUD

41. Train yourself to recognize what the little pop-up window looks like when something is equipable versus only swappable/storable.

42. Armour and Helmets are always picked up at the full shield.

44. Death boxes are color-coded to the highest-quality loot inside - so if you kill an enemy with a top-tier, golden yellow backpack, their death box will be glowing yellow until you loot it out of there. Keep an eye out for purple and gold ones in particular then when you've finished a firefight, for some great loot!

45. Give your ultimate accelerants to Lifeline, so she can call in supply pods regularly

46. Equipment auto-attaches to weapons if it can, You can swap attachments between them in the inventory screen.

47. Gear and ammo that can't be used with anything you have equipped will have a red cross outline over it in your inventory

48. Loot is generally spread quite evenly between buildings, so places with more buildings tend to have more

49. Gold loot has the same stats as purple loot.

50. Experience seems to come from surviving for longer, more than it does from damage dealt or enemies killed

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