3 Easy Ways To Connect An Xbox One Controller To PC

3 Easy Ways To Connect An Xbox One Controller To PC

June 19, 2019

Microsoft’s consoles have perpetually shipped to gaming consumers with the highest quality gaming controllers, and the Xbox One is no different. The Xbox One controller is not a complete overhaul of the previous Xbox 360 controller but more of a refinement of it's predecessor best bits, the Xbox One’s controller is awesome to use with any video games.

If you want to use your Xbox One controller to play some PC games, or maybe you want to try SteamOS? And, you need something other than a mouse and keyboard. I have got some good news: The Xbox One controller supports Windows PC's and establishing it only takes a couple of minutes. Microsoft’s official drivers will allow any Xbox One controller to work with PC games that have controller support.

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to PC


Option 1: Use a USB cable.

Option 2: Use the Xbox Wireless Adapter. 

Option 3: Use Bluetooth. 

3 Easy Ways To Connect An Xbox One Controller To A PC

How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To A PC Using A USB Cable.

As simple as plug and play.

  1. Plug in a micro USB cable into your Xbox One controller and plug the other end into a USB slot on your PC. Keep in mind that on Windows 10, your computer will identify the controller instantly. On Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, Windows will automatically download drivers, and your controller will be ready in a few minutes.

If the controller doesn't respond to the above method, try a different micro-USB cable.

How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Your PC Wirelessly.

Microsoft has a new standard called Xbox Wireless that’s built into a few computers, but there’s a good chance it’s not built into yours.

  1. Purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter if you haven't already got one.
  2. Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to an open USB port on your PC.
  3. Press the home button (Xbox logo) on your controller to turn it on.
  4. Press the sync button which is on top of the controller until the Xbox logo begins flashing.
  5. Press the sync button on the adapter. Once the Xbox logo on the controller stops flashing and turns solid, it indicates the set up has been successful.

How to Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Your PC Using Bluetooth

You can only use Bluetooth to connect a controller if you are running Windows 10 on your PC. You must also have the newer model of the Xbox One controller.

  1. Go to Settings on your PC and click Devices.
  2. Click on the Bluetooth settings option to make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Stay on this menu.
  3. Press the Guide button and then the sync button on your controller at the same time. The logo should start blinking.
  4. On your PC, choose “Add Bluetooth or other devices,” and select Bluetooth. This tells your PC to look for your controller.
  5. Once it shows up, choose the Xbox Wireless Controller to finish the pairing process.

After you have connected your controller to a PC, you will need to 're-pair' it with your Xbox One the next time you use it. You can do this by connecting the controller to your Xbox using a USB cable and press the Xbox button to pair or by pressing the Connect button on the system followed by holding the Bind button on your controller.

If you run into any issues, you can check out Microsoft's official guide on connecting their Xbox One controller to a PC here.

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