15 Interestingly Creepy Vault Backstories in Fallout

15 Interestingly Creepy Vault Backstories in Fallout

July 16, 2019

The vaults in the Fallout series are an undeniable staple of the game's franchise, but who would have known there would be so many scary vaults with unforgettable backstories? Below we showcase some of the most ominous and most disturbing vaults in the Fallout series. Fans will know that vaults are a staple of the series- when the nuclear apocalypse was upon us, people would seal themselves into the vaults in the hopes of advancing humanity when the radioactive Earth would quiet down, and people could live again. Of course, that's not the only thing that's happening -- Vault-Tec used the vaults to run disturbing experiments on people, leading to disastrous effects.

Whether Vault 12, which created the scourge of ghouls or a grim vault in the case of Vault 3, where outsiders slaughtered the people. But when thinking about disturbing vaults in Fallout games, the scariest one of all has to be Vault 11, where the people were forced to vote an Overseer to be killed to protect the remainder of the vault.

We've rounded up some of the greatest vaults with creepy backstories. Check out each weird Fallout vault backstory and vote for your favorites.

1. Vault 87 - FEV Vault

The original experiment for the vault was scrapped, and a new experiment was created to look into the Forced Evolutionary Virus, venturing to create humans that could adapt to the nuclear wasteland. The result? Mutants that broke out of their holding cells and started dipping security forces into the virus, forcing them to mutate as well. They would capture humans across the wasteland and drag them back into the vault to continue their species.

2. Vault 77 - Puppet Vault

This Vault might be one of the creepiest of all -- one man was placed in the vault, with nothing else but a crate of puppets. The descent into insanity comes as no surprise.

3. Vault 11 - Sacrifice Vault

Vault 11 might have left behind some of the more disturbing recordings, showing the election of an Overseer who had to sacrifice themselves to the Vault, lest everyone dies. Except, after a war within the vault leaving only five survivors, they learned that choosing no one to die meant that everyone would have been let go. The survivors decided to commit suicide -- except for one.

4. Vault 68 - One Woman

That's right, Vault 68 had a thousand people -- and one woman, is probably the cruelest experiment that we can only imagine the results of. We don't know what's become of Vault 68, but the imagination runs wild.

5. Vault 106 - Tripping Balls Vault

In the Capital Wasteland, ten days after the vault was sealed, psychoactive drugs were pumped into the air. Of course, the inhabitants were not notified, and any adverse effects were blamed on the filtration system. Many became relaxed, but others went insane and almost died, and many who entered the vault succumbed to hallucinations, rendering them insane survivors who will try to kill you.

6.Vault 108 - Gary's Vault

With most positions unfilled, and an Overseer who was guaranteed to die in 40 years, no entertainment supplies and triple the amount of weapons as other vaults, what could go wrong? The result was weirder -- the dwellers created a grand cloning experiment, where fifty-four clones of a dweller named Gary were made. The Garies, of course, was hostile to anyone not named Gary and killed everyone.

7. Vault 112 - VR Vault

The private vault of Stanislaus Braun, it's a small place that has a lot of VR pods, where people lived in a strange virtual utopia. But of course, Braun was a sadistic jerk, and used the other inhabitants as playthings, torturing them for years.

8. Vault 12 - Necropolis

One of the more important Vaults in the original Fallout, it was a huge vault that could handle over a thousand people, but because Vault-Tec is sadistic, they intentionally kept the door from completely closing. This allowed outsiders to force their way in and ultimately overpopulate the vault. With radioactive gasses leaking in, everyone turned into ghouls, creating the creepy Necropolis.

9. Vault 22 - Spore Vault

After some wild genetic experiments with plants, it turns out that the plants were hostile. And sentient. And they are killed like, everyone. Going into the vault leaves a creepy feeling up your spine -- until the plants get up and try to murder you.

10. Vault 92 - Super Soldier Vault

The lie was told that musicians and artists were coming to Vault 92 to protect the arts specifically. The reality? A white-noise experiment to turn the dwellers into super soldiers. To the surprise of no one, the experiment was successful in implanting suggestions to dwellers but unsuccessful in keeping them from going insane and killing everyone.

11. Vault 53 - Breakdown Vault

In what must have been an incredibly stressful vault, this vault was set up to fail. Everything was designed to break periodically, forcing people to die because medical equipment wasn't working, or through the stress of a vault that wasn't working.

12. Vault 34 - Ghoul Vault

With overstocked weapons and recreational facilities that took up a lot of space, what happened was the vault became overpopulated. After the Boomers left to go to Nellis AFB, there was a radiation leakage, and everyone turned into ghouls. Some are still hanging on, but most became feral ghouls or exploding glowing ones.

We've rounded up some of the greatest vaults with creepy backstories. Check out each weird Fallout vault backstory and vote for your favorites.

13.Vault 19 - Red vs. Blue

The goal of Vault 19 was to instill mass anxiety and paranoia. The dwellers were divided into two factions - half wearing red, and half wearing blue - with both sides receiving their Overseer. Subliminal messages about the other side constantly barraged the residents, and it's believed the two factions turned on each other.

14. Vault 3 - Fiend Vault

The inhabitants of Vault 3 were an optimistic bunch, and hopelessly naive because when the Fiends conned their way inside, they murdered every vault inhabitant and took it for themselves as a solid base to use against the NCR. The blood of the vault inhabitants is still there.

15. Vault 55 And 56 - Horrible Comedy

No matter the cruel nature of the other vaults, they all received a plethora of entertainment to burn the time except for two vaults. Vault 55 and 56 faced a truly terrifying experiment - limited ways to burn infinite free time. Vault 55 received no forms of entertainment whatsoever, while Vault 56 only received tapes from a truly awful comedian to pass the time.

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