Xbox One Tips, tricks and Features to Get More From Your Console

Xbox One Tips, tricks and Features to Get More From Your Console

March 19, 2019

Enjoy The Nostalgia Of Classic Xbox 360 Games

You can now experience must-play classics like Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space and Left 4 Dead 2 on your Xbox One. All you will need to do is own an Xbox 360 copy of this game, or even a digital version, and you're good to go.

Create Your Own Customized Controller

Have you always wanted your controller to have a blood red D-Pad or a stylish pair of sky blue joysticks? The Xbox Design Lab is able to meet your needs and more, as a means to deck out your Xbox One controller with all kinds of colors and customizations. It certainly isn't cheap by any means, but it does serve as a fantastic way to customize your Xbox experience, and even provides you the option to laser etch your personal Gamertag into the body of the control itself. 

Order Pizza With Voice Recognition 

With the Domino's app downloaded from the Xbox Store, you need just shout "Xbox, feed me" to order a piping hot pizza. Customizing your pizza order with toppings, sides, and refreshments can all be accomplished from the comfort of the gaming chair. You will also be able to track the courier's route through Xbox's real-time pizza tracker, similar to Uber Eats. 

Play A PS4 or Xbox 360 through Your Xbox One Console

Xbox One's has the ability to plug another console's HDMI cable into that input port, allowing you to play Xbox 360 or PlayStation games via the TV app. Heres hoping that we can do the same with the Nintendo Switch.

Play More Games For Less Money With Xbox Game Pass

Basically Microsoft's version of Netflix but for video games. The Game Pass enables users to subscribe to a programme for $9.99 a month, which then entitles to download games which are continually updated, a listing of assorted games which they can play and download at their direction. There's a wonderful collection of games to pick from, such as big hitters like Halo 5, backward compatible masterpieces such as the Gears of War trilogy, and indie gems like Limbo.

Customize Your Xbox One Dashboard And Wallpaper

You can choose from a set of textureless colors, use a template of Achievement art or an awesome screenshot from one of your beloved games. To do this, double tap the Xbox button while playing to bring up the capture options and hit Y to take a screen. When you get the Screenshot Saved message, hold down the Xbox button and choose the Set as Background option.

Become an Xbox One Insider

By signing up through the Xbox Insider App, members obtain exclusive access to new features months ahead of time. 

Create your Personal Xbox One Avatar

You can pimp out your digital doppelgänger with countless different clothes, props and emotes. Your Avatar will then pop up across multiple regions of the Xbox Dashboard, giving the experience that extra special touch. 

Play a Flash game on your browser

Xbox One's Internet Explorer hosts a few dozen HTML 5 games, such as Flappy Bird, Snake, Bejewelled, Breakout, Pong and few others

Navigate Using The Xbox One App

Microsoft's free companion app would leave you quite surprised by how much it helps with navigation. The program, which you can download onto any Windows, IOS or Android device can assist with powering up your Xbox One, changing dashboard tabs, turn your phone to a TV remote, browse cast lists for any TV show you are watching, and type in text using a touchscreen keyboard.

Create And Edit Your Gameplay Clips

The Xbox One features a free set of tools for saving, editing and uploading your gameplay clips to the internet. Simply choose a gameplay clip in Upload Studio, then Trim to define a beginning and endpoint. If you want the video to stand alone, you can pick a skin for extra flair. Hit Finish to render the file, name and label it and your set. Then you can either upload the video to Youtube or save it to OneDrive, providing you've activated these services on your Xbox One. 

Play Anywhere Anytime

Any game with "Play Everywhere" logo, means that it is possible to play the game on both your console and your Windows 10 PC, without having to buy it twice. Any progress you make on each system will be acknowledged on the other, which means that you can boot Halo 5 on the Xbox One, and wind up at the exact same place where you left off on PC. 

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