Xbox One Original VS One S VS One X VS One S Digital

Xbox One Original VS One S VS One X VS One S Digital

May 16, 2019

If you are looking at getting a new gaming console and are stuck for which Xbox One is the right one for you? With four different core versions, it’s completely understandable to be confused about the differences.

Even If you are a current Xbox owner, you are more then likely asking the question: should I be upgrading from my Xbox One Orginal to the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X or maybe the new Xbox S Digital? 

To answer your questions. I'll break down which Xbox One model does what, and why it might be the best Xbox One console for you to buy. I will also reveal the three cheapest deals for each of the Xbox One models directly from the Microsoft Store.

Xbox One Orginal

Initially released in 2014 as Microsoft’s entry for the eighth console generation, the original Xbox One remains a powerful piece of equipment. With that being said, since the introduction of the One S in 2016, the original console is becoming increasingly harder and harder to find as retailers run through their remaining stock. Interestingly though even though the original console has mostly been replaced, you’re still likely to get a better deal (money wise) on the Xbox One S.

Can the Xbox One Orginal do anything the Xbox One S can’t?

The short answer is no. There’s no reason to go out of your way to buy an original One unless you find an excellent deal.

Should I upgrade my Xbox One Orginal to an Xbox One S?

This is a tough question. While there is a slight improvement in multiple departments, the One S isn’t so much of a leap forward that it warrants an upgrade to the One S. Both consoles play the same games so you won’t miss out on anything in that respect. If you have upgraded to an HDR TV and wanted to enjoy the difference it makes to your graphics, then perhaps upgrading to a One S would be justifiable.

The Verdict 

At launch, Microsoft took the position of wanting to be the console that offered everything in one place. Now, a year later, the Xbox One’s significant features have been strengthened enough so they certainly stand out, and the media-saturated environment they live in has also been nourished and grown. Whether you come to your living room to watch movies or TV, listen to music, or play games, there’s a lot to choose from in each category.


Xbox One S

Released in late 2016, the Xbox One S was the initial upgrade to the original Xbox One console. It is the most popular version of the Xbox console as it has an affordable price tag compared to the Xbox One X model. Even though the One X surpasses the One S technically, the price difference will most likely ensure the One S remains the most popular Xbox One model. Unless you are a hardcore gamer who spends hours gaming, the Xbox One S will probably be the best Xbox console choice for you.

Has the Xbox One S replaced the Xbox One Original console?

Not just yet, however, it is becoming harder and harder to find original consoles. Most bundles now include the One S as the default Xbox One console.

Will the Xbox One X ever replace the Xbox One S? 

At this stage, it is not likely, as the Xbox One X is intended to compete with the PS4 Pro, and caters to hardcore gamers who are willing to spend a little more money on their gaming setup. The One S will more than likely continue as the most popular version of the Xbox One for the rest of the console’s lifespan. Hence it’s doubtful that the Xbox One X will replace the Xbox One S.

How much smaller in size is the Xbox One S compared to the Xbox One? 

The Xbox One S is a lot smaller compared to the original Xbox One by approximately 40%, making it a much slimmer looking console.

What can the Xbox One S do that the original Xbox One can’t?

As well as being more powerful, the significant advantage of the One S is that it allows HDR gaming. It also plays Blu-rays in 4K, but not games, and it can stand on its side, too, giving you a little more flexibility in regards to the placement of the console.

What storage options do you get with the Xbox One S?

The One S is available in the following storage sizes, the 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB versions. It also allows you to connect external hard drives to expand the memory if you find the 2TB not enough.

The Verdict

It’s a solid all-around machine, it’s a welcome hardware refresh and, aesthetically speaking, it’s the Xbox One we should’ve gotten in the first place.  If you don’t already have an Xbox One and want to buy a new console in the next six months, then Xbox One S makes a respectable case for itself.

Xbox One X

Originally known as Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X was announced at the 2017 E3 conference. It is 40% more powerful than any other console on the market at present; the Xbox One X was designed as a direct competitor to Sony’s benchmark console, the PS4 Pro. Capable of playing games in high-quality 4K resolution at a nice 60fps, the One X is the console of choice for those of you who want only the best when it comes to performance and graphics, both in gaming and media.

When was the Xbox One X released?

The One X was officially released on the 7th of November.

What is the Xbox One X Scorpio Special Edition?

The Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X is somewhat of a special version, specially designed for early adopters of the console. It comes with several cosmetic differences, including a limited edition printed pattern and serial number on the console and the name Scorpio on the controller. There are no differences in regards to the specifications between the two versions of the Xbox One console.

How much more powerful is the Xbox One X compared to the Xbox One Orginal and Xbox One S?

The One X has roughly 4.5 times the graphical performance of the original Xbox One. Even though the One S is capable of upscaling certain games to 4K, the One X can display games at natively at this resolution, with processor power to spare that means some games will also play at 60fps.

Is the One X backward compatible with the two current Xbox One models?

The Xbox One X is backward compatible with both games, and accessories such as Kinect and wireless controllers. The One X is a substantial upgrade to the existing software found in the One S and One Orginal consoles, and it will continue to play the same catalog of games with the same accessories.

Am I worth getting the One X if I don’t have a 4K TV?

If you’re 100% determined to have the best Xbox One money can buy, or see yourself purchasing an awesome 4K TV in the near future, then it’s definitely worth buying the Xbox One X, but it really depends on your budget; otherwise, the difference in quality might not justify the cost.

The Verdict

The Xbox One X is a very powerful collection of hardware crammed into a sleek and slim case. It runs cool and quiet as it produces performance a step above any of its console competitors. it also caters to home theater enthusiasts with 4K UHD Blu-ray playback and Atmos sound. It delivers exactly what was promised: the most powerful console you can buy right now, by a significant margin.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Will the All-Digital Edition replaces the One S?

The short answer is a hard NO. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will sell alongside the standard Xbox One S, giving gamers the opportunity to play games exclusively via digital downloads as well as physical discs.

How much does the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition cost?

The current average price is around $299, and that includes three games – Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves all of which are bundled in digitally.

What storage choices do you get Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in?

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition doesn't come with anything less than 1TB of storage. This is an obvious choice considering that all games played on it will need to be installed natively on the hard drive.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition looks and works like the original Xbox One S. It only differs in that it completely removes the optical disc drive included with all prior Xbox One models, being the perfect console choice for anyone looking to move away from physical games and prefer to store them digitally in the cloud.

The Verdict

You’ll need to ask yourself the questions of what matters most to you. Lower game prices? Or convenience? At this point in time, unfortunately, you can’t have both. But as digital console stores continue their growth, perhaps in the future you will be able to.



Which Xbox One Should I Buy?

Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, which Xbox should you buy?

“I want the best of the best; money is no issue” – Buy the One X. The ability to play games in 4K and the added graphical performance will set it apart from the One, One S and Digital. Microsoft has claimed it will be the most powerful gaming console of this generation.

“I'm looking for a good deal” – Then the Xbox One S is your best bet. You may think that the original One would be the cheapest, this isn’t always the case as stock is running low, and most retailers have moved on to using the One S in most of their bundles.

“I play a lot of games, so I need extra storage space” – The original One went up to a 1TB hard drive, while the One S offers both the 1TB and 2TB storage options. If you’re planning to go all digital then the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has a 1TB hard-drive and will keep you covered for some time, keep in mind that you do have the option to increase the storage via an external hard drive.

“I’m limited space-wise, so I need a console that is compact” – Go for the One S or the X. The One S is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, and the power supply is internal, which means you won’t have an unsightly brick to worry about. The One X, is somehow smaller than the One S, although not by the same margin as the One S to the One.

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