How To Sync Your Nintendo Switch Controllers

How To Sync Your Nintendo Switch Controllers

February 05, 2019

This page includes instructions on the best way to sync and set controllers, such as Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers with your Nintendo Switch.

To set a new JoyCon using the Shift console, just slide them into position on either side of the Shift hand-held unit.

If that is not an option, browse to the Change Grip / / Order segment of this Controllers menu in your home display. While within this window, press the Sync button between the SL and SR on each individual Joy-Con (minus the bumper railings attached).

The Best Way To Sync the Pro Controller using the Nintendo Alter

Contrary to the Joy-Con units, which may be attached directly into the faces of the Switch, the Guru Controller must be connected to the Switch Dock or handheld via a USB-C cable.

To sync the Pro Controller without attaching it to the Switch, then just navigate to the Change Grip / Order menu and then press the Sync button towards the very top of the pro-control.

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