How to easily change the language on Netflix for Apple TV

How To Easily Change The Language On Netflix for Apple TV

February 07, 2019

Netflix allows you to enable or disable subtitles, captions, and change the language for many TV shows and movies within their digital library. 

If you need a different language on your Apple TV, or if you accidentally changed the language, maybe you've got non-English speaking relatives seeing, or perhaps you've determined the best way to brush up on a foreign tongue before a trip is to binge watch Friends. In any case, you need to change terminology on Netflix...How can you do it?

The measures vary slightly based on which device you're using if you would like to change the language on Netflix for Apple TV. Let's jump straight into it; here's the best and easiest way to change languages.

As you're watching a film or TV series, you can turn on subtitles. About Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th generation), swipe back on your remote, pick Subtitles, then select the language you need to see subtitles in.

You can inquire Siri. Just hold down the Siri button on your Siri Remote, then say"Switch on subtitles."

To turn subtitles off, swipe down on your remote Subtitles choose Off. Or hold down the Siri button on your Siri Remote, then say"Turn off subtitles."

How To Change The Language On Your Apple TV

Follow the steps below to change the language on your Apple TV.

Open Settings

From the Home screen, select Settings.

Select General

General is the first choice at the top of the list.

Select Language

Scroll down and select Language under Language and Region, which is the first option that displays a flag to the left. Scroll slowly, because it might take a moment for the flag to appear.

Choose the language that you want.

Scroll down on the next screen and choose the language that you want.

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