10 Useful Tips & Tricks To Try On Your Xbox One

10 Useful Tips & Tricks To Try On Your Xbox One

February 20, 2019

If you recently received a brand new or even a refurbished Xbox One, you're more than likely want to get this up and running as fast as possible. Here is how to get started with your Xbox One, in addition to a few strategies for customizing your new gaming system and exploring a few of its features. Let's dive straight into it.

Xbox One

Select your power-saving style

Before you dive into your gambling, pick between Energy-saving and Instant-on to your Xbox One's'off' condition (under the Power & startup menu at Settings)--the former draws less power but the latter signifies your console starts up faster (and also turns in your TV once it begins ). You can enable waking your console with your voice over the menu.

Make the most of your spare trials

New Xbox One consoles include free 7-day trials of Xbox Live Gold (for internet gambling against other gamers ) and Xbox Game Pass (some kind of Netflix-for-games subscription support using a ton of rotating titles available): Search for the trial codes in the packaging that came with your Xbox One, or just sign to the services to permit the free trials.

Keep an eye on the children

In case you have kids playing on your Xbox One, then you can protect them from adult content by heading into Account afterward Family settings in the Settings display. If you decide on Manage relatives, you'll have the ability to add new kid accounts into the box, which can then be handled in terms of age-restricted content and screen time constraints.

Check you're getting the Complete 4K experience

If you have splashed out on a full 4K-capable Xbox One X console you would like to be certain that all those pixels are getting pushed to your television set. To do so open Settings then choose Screen & audio, then Video output, subsequently 4K TV information. Microsoft includes a detailed guide on how these configurations should be configured which you can find here.

Plug in a mouse and keyboard

A mouse and keyboard service for your Xbox One is officially here, which means it is possible to plug in almost any spare USB peripherals you've obtained and breeze through menus and text entry screens. You can also use your mouse and keyboard to control the action at a small but increasing number of games, including Fortnite, Bomber Crew, and Deep Rock Galactic.

Change the Appearance of our port

When it comes to the ways it is possible to customize the look and feel of the interface, the Xbox One is very generous --you can correct many different settings, from the color accents used into the wallpapers. Once your console is ready to go, head to the Personalisation menu in Settings to navigate through the different alternatives on offer.

Hook up an external hard disk

The Xbox One is quite PC-like in its support for external hard drives: Any drive which you can plug in and use with Windows, you can even plug in and use with your Xbox One via the marvels of USB. You require a drive that supports USB 3.0 and which has a capacity of at least 256GB--you'll see a prompt to start configuring it as soon as you've plugged in.

Get some help from Xbox Assist

Microsoft has designed the Xbox One to be straightforward to use as possible, but you might need a couple of pointers in your very first days. If you press on the Xbox button on the controller then select Xbox Assist from the System menu (the cog icon), you can browse through a variety of help screens, tips, and useful diagnostic tools.

Share your gaming exploits

Sharing your gaming exploits is a part of the experience on any console nowadays, and as you would expect, the Xbox One consoles have some options built-in. If you press the white Xbox button on your control during gameplay you can bring up the basic choices on screen--save a screenshot or record a movie (up to 10 minutes long).

Get to know the Xbox programs

You can find Xbox programs for iOS, and there's also one built into Windows 10--the Windows program, among other attributes, enables you to stream games from the console to some Windows 10 computer on the exact same network. The apps give you access to gambling activity updates, news from the Xbox buddies, the Xbox game shop, and more besides.

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