The Best Superhero Movies Coming Out in 2019

The Best Superhero Movies Coming Out in 2019

February 06, 2019

2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year for superhero fans. Not only will we see the culmination that the MCU has been around for over a decade in Avengers: Endgame. We'll also find more superhero movies in 2019 than we ever have before. Here would be the superhero films in 2019 that we are most excited about.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is a shoo-in for the most likely of the superhero films in 2019. Following the psychological effect of Thanos' success, the Avengers will soon be picking up the bits and, presumably, trying to bring back the heroes that have snapped, at the very least. Considering that we understood certain heroes have to endure in order that they can be in future movies, this probably was not a huge shock. But considering the"core" original Avengers--Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Window--are on the way out of the MCU according to their contracts and societal networking articles. Will we see that a self-sacrifice plot in which the old heroes give themselves for the continued existence of the new heroes, passing the torch to another production of protagonists? The wise money says yes.

In theatres 26 April 2019. Count the days!

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Folks have been attempting to make a good Spider-Man movie since the arrival of comic book films. But never gets the performance captured the youthful mischievousness wrapped around a fantastic heart and a strong urge to help people that the comic books could express over time. However, with the runaway success of Tom Holland at the function of Spider-Man, it appears we have finally turned the corner into the land of not just okay, but good Spider-Man movies.

Holland outshone the performance of some more experienced actors in the core Avengers movies, and that's driven interest and excitement in the character from new corners. Spider-Man was always supposed to be a comic that appealed to teenagers, but the enormous demographic of people with a massive crush on Tom Holland have flocked into the franchise. His fan club isn't bound by sex, either--you can count yours truly one of his numerous admirers. Only check out Tommy's social media performance: there are whole blogs on Tumblr that are only about Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man. The child is a meme at this point. And while celebrity may vanish, memes... memes continue eternally.

But how do we have a movie about Spidey when he's been snapped? The movie is going to be set right after the finish of Avengers: Endgame, that will clearly be attracting his character back to life in some way. Can you really think that Marvel was gonna kill their two exciting, bankable characters? In this film, Spidey will be working in the behest of Nick Fury to combat Mysterio in Europe, so expect a return to the conventional superhero-vs-supervillain plot arrangement.

In theatres 5 July 2019.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel 2019 Movie Superhero

Bring on the female superheroes! It's amazing to see Brie Larson in this function, and from the teaser cuts, she appears to be kicking rather a lot of ass. The effects appear extraordinary, and Captain Marvel will most likely be pivotal to solving the Thanos crisis. After all, she had been the hero that Nick Fury beeped when things got totally out of control.

In Captain Marvel, we could expect to get a tour of the first times of the MCU. We are flashing back before Nick Fury even had an eye patch. Judging from the courthouse, we could also expect some interstellar space battles in which Captain Marvel flies about with a luminous mohawk and corrects people's assumptions about the world. We're pumped to see Captain Marvel on the map before she rides in to help save the day in Avengers 4.

In theaters 8 March 2019.


Glass Movie 2019 Superhero

Finally, something outside the MCU! Even though Marvel does rule the roost with their superhero possessions, they're not the only dog in the fight. Glass is going to be the culmination of the sort-of trilogy started with Unbreakable and Split, both which took a more menacing, cerebral approach rather than the MCU's vibrant amusements. While we're a little guess of how this film could turn out, it's great potential to push superhero movies into a genre they have historically failed in. "Gritty" superhero movies age quickly, but we have never noticed a superhero created just for theatre in the very same situations. So while Superman is a bad match for the grimdark world of Zack Snyder, the heroes of M. Night Shyamalan could be a much better fit. Our sole concern is when Shyamalan can bring the trilogy house. The guy loves a twist ending so much that it gets in the way of excellent writing.

In theatres 18 January 2019.

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Women Movie 1984 superwomen

Wonder Woman has been a surprise smash hit with the first movie of what is guaranteed to be a money-printing franchise. The movie was hailed as a major breakthrough for female-led superhero films, especially considering how terrible the preceding ones were (Catwoman, anybody?) And how little money they made. However, with Wonder Woman raking in the cash, a sequel in the form of Magic Woman 1984 was a certainty.

We can expect to watch Wonder Woman in the middle of the cold war, even though this does appear to indicate that Wonder Woman sat from the Nazis, the Vietnam War, and Korean War, and a bunch of other genuinely terrible wars far worse than the Great War she casually fought. And despite his obvious explodey death in the last movie, Chris Pine is billed as returning as well.

In theaters 5 June 2019


Joker 2019 Movie

Listen, most of us know that Heath Ledger was the one True Joker of the silver display. It is tragic that this sort of gift was taken from us soon after that incredible performance. And sadder still that we have had to suffer a parade of truly horrible Joker appearances since then. What is the DC cinematic world, some kind of suicide squad? Phoenix has some superstar starring roles under his belt, like an award-worthy twist in"Her" and"The Guru," and a creeptastic performance as the incestuous emperor in"Gladiator." If he is permitted to put his very best foot forward for this film, we can expect a similarly outstanding psychological performance.

In theaters 4 October 2019.

The New Mutants

The New Mutants movie 2019

We Have got Sasha Stark in Dark Phoenix, and we Have got her Arya Stark at The New Mutants. Maisie Williams, who has absolutely murdered her function in Game of Thrones (pun so very planned ), will be showing up as Wolfsbane, one of the titular new mutants, alongside Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik. They'll play two of the five mutants who are being held against their will in a secret facility and experimented on by some rather idiotic government droogs. We are totally here to get a mutant-powered prison fracture movie staring Assassination Stark.

In theaters 13 April 2019.


Hellyboy movie 2019

You loved Stranger Things, correct? Who did not, it turned into a great series. And last season's breakout star was David Harbour as the heart-of-gold chief of the police. He will be running the series since Hellboy, making him the third actor to play the role since the business attempted making movies about the character. Hellboy has a heritage as one of the intentionally sarcastic heroes in the canon, which provides writers plenty of material to play with. In the past, that's meant"giving writers sufficient rope to hang themselves" but Hellboy 2019 has an actual chance of succeeding. Milla Jovovich will be operating together with Harbour, bringing her backflipping, dead-eyed, demon-murdering encounter from the seemingly unkillable Resident Evil franchise.

In theaters 12 April 2019.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix movie 2019

The story of Jean Grey's corruption as an X-Man, Getting Dark Phoenix Within the course of the film. Starring Sophie Turner, also known as Queen Bitch Sansa of Game of Thrones fame, in addition to Jennifer Lawrence, reprising her completely wooden functionality as Mystique, Friend of Angry Mutants, and James McAvoy as Hot Professor X. Just because there hasn't been an amazing X-Men movie so far doesn't mean we'll get you in 2019.

In theaters 7 June 2019.


Shazam Movie 2019

If you're familiar with the stranger corners of the world wide web, you may have struck the Mandela Effect. Named after the supposed funeral of Nelson Mandela sometime in the 80s, the eponymous effect is a trumped-up title for people misremembering occasions and blaming their poor memory on fact splitting to its constituent parts. Let me ask you that one is more likely: Aunt Karen misremembered something she was on TV twenty years back, or the universe split into bits and the title of this Berenstain Bears books is the only remaining hint? Anyway, the noninvasive "Shazam" film starring Sinbad was part of this effect, and I guess a few Hollywood bigwigs thought that sounded like a fantastic idea. I need to assume that Sinbad was not available for the role, so we've got the relatively-unknown Zachary Levi in the title role as the superhero Shazam.

In theaters 5 April 2019.

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