How to Watch the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies/Series in Chronological Order

How to Watch the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies/Series in Chronological Order

February 06, 2019

This list includes all the movies, TV shows, and one-shots. You might need to take some serious time off to watch the entire collection.

Ten years ago there was no such thing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only a pretty terrible Hulk movie. It was only in 2008 that Robert Downey Jr had the mother of all comebacks in Iron Man. In spite of a post-credits tease featuring Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury, we didn't know that it might kickstart the most profitable franchise in film history.

Fast-forward into 2017, and there have been 17 films (with lots of still to come), six TV shows (using four to come), and many one-off movies, web collection, comics and more.

But with all that great geeky goodness, it could be quite tough to stay on top of it all. And as you can make it simple by merely watching them all in the order they had been published, and we can not help but flip the nerd factor up a notch: how do you watch them all in chronological order of when they were put?

Granted, certain movies and TV episodes feature flashbacks (or contain two different time intervals such as the first Captain America), but for now, we'll settle on the source material's original setting.

So, let's dive straight into the entire MCU in the "right" order:


  • 1. Captain America: The First Avenger
  • 2. Agent Carter (season 1)
  • 3. Agent Carter (season 2)
  • 4. Agent Carter (one-shot on Iron Man 3 DVD)
  • 5. Iron Man
  • 6. Iron Man 2
  • 7. The Incredible Hulk
  • 8. The Consultant (one-shot on the Thor DVD)
  • 9. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer (one-shot on the Captain America: The First Avenger DVD)
  • 10. Thor
  • 11. Avengers Assemble
  • 12. Item 47 (one-shot on the Avengers Assemble DVD)

Captain America Costumes

Iron Man Costumes


  • 13. Iron Man 3
  • 14. All Hail the King (one-shot on the Thor: The Dark World DVD)
  • 15. Agents of SHIELD (season 1, eps 1-7)
  • 16. Thor: The Dark World
  • 17. Agents of SHIELD (season 1, eps 8-16)
  • 18. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • 19. Agents of SHIELD (season 1, eps 17-22)
  • 20. Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 21. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
  • 22. Daredevil (season 1)
  • 23. Agents of SHIELD (season 2, eps 1-10)
  • 24. Jessica Jones (season 1)
  • 25. Agents of SHIELD (season 2, eps 11-19)
  • 26.Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • 27. Agents of SHIELD (season 2, eps 20-22)
  • 28. Daredevil (season 2, eps 1-4)
  • 29. Luke Cage (season 1, eps 1-4)
  • 30. Daredevil (season 2, eps 5-11)
  • 31. Luke Cage (season 1, eps 5-8)
  • 32. Daredevil (season 2, eps 12-13)
  • 33. Luke Cage (season 1, eps 9-13)
  • 34. Ant-Man
  • 35. Agents of SHIELD (season 3, eps 1-10)

Thor holding hammer

Guardians of the Galaxy mashup Poster


Dr Strange close up

Spiderman holding a shield

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