The Best Gaming Groups On Facebook For 2019 & Beyond

The Best Gaming Groups On Facebook For 2019 & Beyond

June 27, 2019 5 Comments

Sometimes Facebook can feel like the wild west of the internet. It’s brought millions if not billions of people together from all around the globe, but westward expansion also brought people together and let them connect through a shared love of video games and geek culture.

Facebook can sometimes be a place full of fake news, a toxic battleground of political comments, spam-like bots, and more. But tucked away in the edges of this ravaged social media platform, there are little droplets of happiness. Enter, Facebook groups. Now, no part of Facebook is safe to trolls. It’s the internet, after all, no one is really safe. Nevertheless, several Facebook groups have found ways to encourage a responsive, supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Today, we’re looking at some of the best Facebook Groups centered towards gaming and geek culture. I have put together a list of the top gaming Facebook groups I could find on Facebook. Each group has something unique to offer and a better-than-average negativity rate. Let's get straight into it. Listed in no particular order as all of these Facebook groups are wonderful in their own way.

UPDATE: 28/06/19 - After several requests from various gamers 'ZA Gaming' is now listed amongst the best gaming Facebook groups of 2019 and beyond.

1. Video Game Fans

Description -  

Welcome to VGF! This is the place to be for all your gaming discussion needs. We're a laid back group, so feel free to post memes, share news, and just enjoy your hobby with us. If you can game on it, you'll be hearing about it! 

    LinkVideo Game Fans

    Members - 33,590 (27/06/19)

    2. Video Games 'n More (VGM)

    Description - 

    'A place where gamers can come together, talk about past, present, and future video games, movies, music, and anything video game related. A place to share articles, videos, and much more.'

    LinkVideo Games 'n More (VGM)

    Members - 2,454 (27/06/19)


    Description -  

    'Welcome to Ballbags & Handbags Gamers, any platform, any console, a place to get along make friends build clans etc, there is to be no slander amongst each other, yes everyone has a preferred platform but this isn't about to which one is better it's about finding people with the same interest. If you would like to purchase a sticker or any other merchandise head over to the store and order yours today'


    Members - 9,257 (27/06/19)

    4. Geek Legion ZA

    Description -  

    '#WeAreLegion #JoinTheLegion #GetYourGeekOn - Greetings Guardians, Sorcerers, Assassins, pirates and all those I have forgotten to mention, welcome to the Legion, SA's fastest growing GEEK community, here you are welcome to post anything GEEK related, whether you have just got a PB K/D, want to brag with your new Headset, just finished off a SHWEET cosplay outfit or got a new pair of D20's, GLZA is the Fort for you to show it off. We will do everything in our superpowers to bring you the latest game trailers, news, and reviews as well as showcase some of the awesome tech and latest games that you can expect to land on your gaming device. If you have any GEEK questions, post it and we are very sure that one of our Jedi's will have the exact answer you need, possibly even before you post the question :) We will do our best to keep all Legion member up to date with the latest events, news and reviews on EVERYTHING worthy of having the title "Geek Stuff" Please keep all posts etc. Geek related, please do not post sales ads in GLZA without admin approval, you will be warned and after the 2nd offence, you shall be smited.'

    Link - Geek Legion ZA

    Members - 2,885 (27/06/19)

    5. Implying We Can Discuss Video Games

    Description - 

    'Video games suck'

    Link - Implying We Can Discuss Video Games

    Members - 63,589 (27/06/19)

    6. Gamer Girls and Guys

    Description - 

    'Welcome to the Gamer Girls and Guys Group. Brought to you by Gamer Girls. Please take a moment to Read and follow the rules. Any Violation of the rules will result in a Ban.'

    Link - Gamer Girls and Guys

    Members - 47,706 (27/06/19)

    7. The Fellowship Of The Geeks And Nerds

    Description - 

    'Memes, comics, nerdy geeky fun, chill atmosphere, hatred of any kind will have you banished, no religion, no political, no sexual posts, this group is meant to be fun, let’s keep it geeky and nerdy'

    Link - The Fellowship Of The Geeks And Nerds

    Members - 12,307 (27/06/19)

    8. Gamers Group

    Description - 

    'Welcome to Gamers Group. Be Sure to read our rules Below. Fun Days! -Selfies can only be posted on Wednesdays on a assigned post. Introduce yourself -Four Legged Fridays! Post Up Your Furry gaming pet companion; non legged pets are ok too on a Assigned Post.'

    Link - Gamers Group

    Members - 167,731 (27/06/19)

    9. The Geek Strikes Back

    Description - 

    'Herein we will describe the basic functions and ideals of this group. Basically, If you want to share some stuff that others find nerdy/geeky this is a place to do it. Whether it's writing, art, music, photography, discussion topics about any of the above or more, including but not limited to video games, movies, tv shows, anime, or really anything else that you're passionate about, be it guns, weapons in general, cars, books, or anything else. Everyone likes a good meme. But this page will not turn into a hub for them. You have an original, funny meme, by all means, feel free to post. Try not to repost the same things over and over, they will get deleted. Obvious bait will get deleted. Let's try and keep politics and religion out of it and just focus on what it is we're all here for. Most importantly, have fun.'

    Link - The Geek Strikes Back

    Members - 1,137 (27/06/19)

    10. Nerd World Order

    Description - 

    'The N.W.O is a community of inclusion and respect. If you are that type of Nerd, YOU ARE N.W.O! The N.W.O Community is part of the Nerd World Order brand. The community is where Nerds, Sci-Fi, Horror, Anime, Fantasy Fans, Larpers, Comic Book Collectors, I.T. Workers, Cosplayers, Gamers, Geeks, Artists, and Creators come together to let our nerd flag fly. Since the community is part of the N.W.O brand we are able to offer contests and events to make the community one of the most dynamic on Facebook.'

    Link - Nerd World Order

    Members - 18,768 (27/06/19) 

    11. Nerd Gods & Geek Goddesses

    Description - 

    'Show us your NERD. All things from any type of fandom are welcome here. Post what interest you and be respectful to others. Now let's get our GEEK ON!'

    Link - Nerd Gods & Geek Goddesses

    Members - 29,070 (27/06/19)

    12. The Geek Asylum

    Description - 

    '"If you're not one of us, you're one of them" Welcome to the Geek Asylum! We're a Facebook community for geeks all over the world into Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, Dr Who, Anime, Console gaming, Cosplaying, and crafts to do with these fandoms!'

    Link - The Geek Asylum

    Members - 30,930 (27/06/19)

    13. The Astonishing School Of The Gifted Nerds

    Description - 

    'Welcome, thank you for joining the group, what a pleasure to have you all here! We're the group where you will never have to grow up but will be able to expand your knowledge into new peaks of no limitations. We trust that all members can educate one another about new subjects that will one another accomplish that. This group was created so that we nerds can share our interest in comics, anime, music and ALL things that either make us passionate or just enjoy to an extent. (Examples: Automobiles, Cannabis, Music, Movies, Food, Health, Spirituality, etc.) Basically, a safe haven to express what fascinates you. The group's focus started with the black nerd's perspective, but now we have broadened the lenses to include a diverse audience. Before you get started, we have a few rules, just so we are on common ground with each other. These rules are always subject to change at any time. They are created from everyone's voice and comments throughout the months of being made, they continue to change and prosper each day! Please go to the Files Section to read Rules before sending a post for admins to Approve.'

    Link - The Astonishing School Of The Gifted Nerds

    Members - 364,923 (27/06/19)

    14. The Gamers Den

    Description - 

    'We welcome topics surrounding newly released games but please be mindful that others may not get games day one. Please post "SPOILER POST" and move the bulk of the text further down in your post to help others avoid disappointment at learning something they may not be ready to.'

    Link - The Gamers Den

    Members -  2,184 (27/06/19)

    15. The Gaming Battlegrounds

    Description - 

    'We are a gaming community for Australia and New Zealand residents. A group for all PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and any other gamers to share videos, tips & tricks, to meet like-minded people, organize squad get together and congregate around the battlegrounds. We are run by passionate gamers. Originating on Facebook and TeamSpeak, moving to a PUBG Australia/New Zealand group on Discord and then transforming to a multi-game multi-platform group, our member base is increasing on the daily, with our member count currently at 4,000+. We have Custom Game Server access for PUBG and run weekly events for the community that is based around feedback from members.  Once accepted you will be able to access the link to our Discord! Here you can play with other members of the community and you will also be able to participate in our regular custom games. The Gaming Battlegrounds provides a healthy environment across all of our communication platforms and work hard to keep it that way!'

    Link - The Gaming Battlegrounds

    Members - 3,898 (27/06/19)

    16. Eclipse Gaming AUS & NZ

    Description - 

    'EGA EGN is for gaming fans all over Australia and New Zealand. Whether you are casual or like to take things a bit more competitively. Basically, we want to be your go-to group when you want to check out a stream on your lunch break, etc. Interact with the people YOU game with and be able to see who is playing what to join a stream or party at any given time. We like to keep it fun yet competitive. This group is for whatever console type or pc you can possibly game on. Don't be afraid to show off your new or old consoles. This group is also for info, funny pics, news, tips and anything related to gaming (DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT OUR MERCHANDISE) Get your pics and vids uploaded to boost your subs, followers, likes, and views. We are here to support each other. We will draw the line when it comes to hate comments and anything along those lines which we do not see fit to be shown on this groups newsfeed. Bring your gaming banter, have fun and happy gaming. Enjoy - Goblin'

    Link - Eclipse Gaming AUS & NZ

    Members - 3,209

    17. The Nerd Community

    Description - 

    'Welcome to The Nerd Community. We are a nerd culture group where content including (but not limited to) like the following is shared by our growing member base: Artwork/Cosplay/Games/Humour/Technology'

    Link - The Nerd Community

    Members -  110,619 (27/06/19)

    18. ZA Gaming Alliance

    Description -

    'Hi, First of all, I would like to say welcome to all the new members. I hope you enjoy your stay. Beverages can be found next to The blades of Kratos. Weapons such as swords, staffs, AK-47's, tanks, bows, knives can be left in the armory outside. Trolls will be protecting them. So nobody needs to worry about losing that so hard gamed for + 65% Fire damage Sword of Kickass Now, what do I want from this very kickass, awesome, crazy, whatcha may call' it group?? Anything and everything ZA gaming related, from events to posting random questions, to helping other gamers out, meeting random gamers, and just plain ZA GAMING. This is where you can advertise competitions, lan event, gaming events,  match results and whatever you guys and girls rate goes with gaming.'

    LinkZA Gaming Alliance

    Members - 22,599 (28/06/19)

    That wraps up the list of the best gaming and geek facebook groups of 2019 and beyond. If you manage a Facebook group and feel that I have left you out, feel free to contact me via the contact form in the footer of this page and ill see what we can do about adding your facebook group to this list.

    5 Responses

    Anrich Snyman
    Anrich Snyman

    June 28, 2019

    I don’t see ZA gaming alliance on the list ?

    Anrich Snyman
    Anrich Snyman

    June 28, 2019

    I don’t see ZA gaming alliance on the group.


    June 28, 2019

    Might want to have a look at ZA gaming alliance.

    Bigger than most of these groups you have listed.

    Perhaps also might want to look arranging the groups in the order from most to least members. Gives the wrong impression if a group with sub5k members is listed before a group with over 300k members.

    Ben Duggan
    Ben Duggan

    June 28, 2019

    WOW!! I’m gobsmacked. Thank you so much! I’m so humbled by your kind words and picking of Eclipse Gaming Aus + Nz it came as somewhat a surprise. Myself and team work so hard on keeping this group non toxic and friendly whilst creating content on the daily. It’s truly beyond words to see our hard work recognised especially out of complete nowhere. Our passion drives our success! Thank you so much -Eclipse Gaming


    June 28, 2019

    I don’t know who you are, but you’re awesome… Much love from the BB&HB GAMERS crew

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