10 Skills From Video Games That You Can Use In Real Life

10 Skills From Video Games That You Can Use In Real Life

February 11, 2019

Video games are one of the best forms of escapism if you're a gamer that is mobile, a diehard console fan or have constructed your personal master PC from scratch. Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes we're predicted to step away from our displays and socialize with people in the real world -- but wouldn't it be more fun if we could combine both?

We're not referring to multiplayer games or linking a LAN, we are talking about performing your favorite virtual activities in the flesh.  Here are our favorite ideas, inspired by the games we have played the most.

Go Karting

Mario Kart In Real Life IRL

Okay, so you will not find a track that offers the exact same challenge but swapping toadstools and banana skins for crash helmets along with the odor of oil is an excellent way to spend a day. Grab your routine Mario Kart group and blend this up by heading into a nearby go-kart circuit -- you could just manage to usurp the reigning champ with some actual driving prowess. 


Spiderman Photography In  Real Life IRL

Obviously, we've all been lately obsessed with swinging between skyscrapers in the brand new Spider-Man game, but the picture mode is what's really stolen the series. Exercise your real-life Peter Parker by taking a crash course in photography, and you'll quickly be able to see the photo op on every street (albeit maybe not from the exact same vantage points as our man, Spidey). 

Jet skiing

Far Cry 3 Jet Skiing In Real Life IRL

Does Anybody remember Wave Race on the N64? It was a somewhat regular racing format -- but it replaced them with the sea and jet skis, and did off with cars and roads. Oh, and it was awesome. Relieve the dream, if you have been a lover of the water and devote a day. 

Western Riding

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse Riding In Real LIfe IRL

If like us, you were counting down the hours until Red Dead Redemption 2 was published, we do not expect you to be letting go of your control. When (or if that be' if'?) You should finally tire of playing your white hat or black hat fantasy, you can get outdoors and practice a few of those cowboy skills. We can't yet give you Westworld, but you can learn how to tack up a horse Western Design before leaping to a saddle for a horse-riding trail in locations. Bandits not contained. 


Elder Scrolls Alchemy In Real Life IRL

If you love it or hate it, some matches demand potion crafting (Witcher, Divinity: Original Sin 2). For a day maybe a little bit of an ask, but what about a course that is mixology going into pharmaceuticals? Whipping up a beverage can heal woes, after all. 


Archery Video Game In Real Life IRL

Sometimes you can not help but lust for simpler times, before motors and gunpowder and when war was all we had. The archery simulation on Sony's Magic Lab has given us hours of enjoyment and there several good VR bow shooting games on the market, however, even though it's close to the real thing, it's not quite the same. Archery is upon getting the hang of it, another ability that feels badass. 

Off-Road Racing

Off Road Video Game In Real Life IRL

Prefer something a bit more adrenaline-fuelled? If you're a lover of Motor Storm, Dirt 2 or Forza Horizon 3, get out on an actual dirt track and throw yourself. Rally Car experiences allow you to try gravel accelerations and handbrake turn for real, and you could find monster truck driving times, dirt bicycle lessons and dune buggy rallies. 


Falconry Video Game In Real Life IRL

Interacting with critters in video games is obviously fun, even if they don't always get it directly. Dogs are a reasonably favorite pet/sidekick character, but there is also bird horses, horses, electrical mice, and dinosaurs. Though our all-time favorite is hotly debated, among the trendiest is Senu, who brought the Assassin's Creed' Eagle Vision' into a whole new level. Seeing as it might be challenging to discover a real-life Yoshi or even Pikachu, why don't you head to a Birds of Prey refuge and get to hold a real eagle or falcon on your own arm? 

Helicopter Flying

Helicopter Flying In Real Life

Does anybody adore flying helicopters in video games? No. The solution is always no because the controls are unfailingly made by some cretin that really doesn't know his left from his right (GTA, anyone?) On the other hand, this means that learning to fly AN ACTUAL HELICOPTER won't look difficult by comparison. Whether you're a War Thunder fan or want to kick it old school with a few Desert Strike, it is not hard to swap your sofa and take to the skies. 


Skyrim Cooking In Real Life IRL

Not keen on going outside for a single day? You do not need to. A cooking class will score your life points and teach you something you can use daily. It is going to be just like living out your Overcooked dream, except with no timer, longer plates, and even less swearing in your mates (likely ). Just watch off the soup do not burn! 

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